I look outside and it gives me that

And I want to go outside and
sit on the driveway
in short shorts and a tank top, no shoes
and feel how warm it is,
the grey asphalt full of sunshine heat
and smell a lazy thunderstorm coming on.

And I want to go to the bridge over the creek
with you,
and dangle our bare painted toes over the side
and interlace our small hands until
our palms sweat in the humid summer air.
And I want to watch the sunset with you,
and when it gets dusky
and I get daring
and everyone else has gone home for the night,
I will lean over in the purple half-light
and kiss you, and I will close my eyes
and taste peppermint gum and lipgloss.

And I want to sit in the dark with you,
and share many tender lipped kisses
and neither one of us can see exactly
where our hands are roaming,
but we can feel,
and it's summertime and
inhibitions don't belong here.

And I want to fall asleep with you out here,
and wake up confused until
we see each other in the morning
and smile.

And I want to have it all,
and to be able to believe that
this will last forever.