Such Felicity, Never, Will Another Know

In this world, it's truly something
To come across a maiden so becoming.

And imagine the sense of serendipity
As the maiden's eyes turned straight to me!

And though such occasions are ephemeral, evanescent,
It was much worth the time I spent

Wooing such an effervescent girl,
One of a kind in this huge world,

And then to evoke even a scintilla of love
Surely took much help from Him above.

The lilt in her so-dulcet laugh
The fineness of her half-turned calf,
Were only the first to open my eyes to the fact
That what she deserved, I surely lacked.

And whatever insanity in her imbued,
A love for me, I feel due

To thank with all my heart, my soul
For such felicity, never, will another know.