(I'm lost...)


The color of many things.
The color of darkness and death,
Of evil and sinners.

A quite untouchable color.

But never truly understood, or appreciated.
Shunned away from; not one to be
Associated with.

But maybe, despite this,
Or because of it,
It is the most perfect color.

White is pure, but
Blinding at times.
It shows all your faults and you cannot disguise
Or pretend or protect yourself.

You're out in the open.

While in the darkness of black; in its
Hues and shades
Lies a haven, just waiting with
Welcoming arms, for the unsure and scar(r)ed.

Those who are still hiding,
Those who are still not ready
To face the blinding color that is


For awhile, you are safe and protected.
But so hidden and alone.
(Surely, I am alone?)

But you cannot tell in this blackness
Of a color.

The once seemed salvation,
It now swallows you

Locks you away,
Until you begin to doubt yourself and your
Abilities; you begin to question your own

Time passes so slowly, and you are still
Wandering, waiting, hoping.
In the dark,
You would prefer to be forgotten.
Because you have almost forgotten

But, occasionally,
Even in a sea of black,
You stumble across someone.
They try so hard to re-teach you the things
You've lost.

Light flickers, and you can see.
But to see in
Shades of gray is still

Too much.

You just want to be left alone;
Sit and lick your wounds,
(My own faults, failures.)

But isn't that why you are
Black and
In the first place?

Author's Note:

(Edited on 8/22/10)

Hey, everybody! Tell me what you think. It's a little dark for a poem, but this idea popped into my head, and it didn't let go. :P

Thanks to Narq for letting me know how to make the stanzas separate! Yay! :)


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