1. Raindrops.


Born of drops.

Gently falling down.

Suspended in the air

Until they collide.



*** I know this technically isn't a haiku, but I can't remember what type of poem it's called, so I just put it in with the Haikus.

2. Ocean.

Violent waves crashing

Against a rocky fortress

Keeping them contained.

3. Breath Taken.

Wind whistling through

Clothing, making it billow

Against your small frame.

4. Direction Lost.

Colors reflected

On the water, like a mirror.

Up is equal to down.

5. A Meeting.

Dense trees hide things away

Listen! A woman's laughter is

A secret rendezvous.

6. A Chance.

Life is the color green

Silently sprawling, reaching

For a chance to live.

Author's Note:

Here's some of my haikus that I have written recently. Hope you all like them! I'll try to update them as much as possible! :)