Sylvia's P.O.V.
"Sylvia, can I talk to you?" Rayder asked in choir that day.
"Sure," I said. I noticed how quickly he had picked up on English.
"So you are avec Blair now?"
"Yes I am with Blair."
"So were you just dating me to make 'im jealous?"
"No, I liked you, but my feelings are stronger for him. I like you like I like Eliza, as a friend."
"So t'at's it?" He asked.
"That's where I stand. I want to be your friend, but nothing more."
He nodded and with that I went back to Eliza and started talking with her.
"What about Harold if it is a boy?"
"No. That's my grandfather's name."
"That's why I asked."
"I don't like the name."
"What about Kristopher with a K or Brian?"
"Alright I like those. Girls names?"
"What about Raine?" (pronounced rain)
"That sounds like a hippie name, but I kind of like it."
"Yeah it's one of those names that grows on you after a bit."
Then the bell rang, and we left. Our teacher had been doing recordings so we had all spent the hour doing whatever we wanted. I left to go to Science and Blair met me at my locker. I smiled at him and he pulled me into his arms. He kissed me and we grabbed our books and went to class.
The day ended on a high note. When practice was over I went out to the car to find the football players drooling over my Porsche. Eliza sat in the passenger seat and I sat in the front seat. I had brought my car to school today so the boys could take Simeon's Jaguar to go to the store.
When we got home I payed the sitter and she left. Blair did her chores and homework and I cooked dinner. Soon the boys were home and they took the stuff upstairs. We ate dinner, and had little Blair go to bed. Then Care Blair went home and I went to bed. The rest of the week passes quickly.
That weekend little Blair went to a friends birthday party. I took a job at the hospital kitchen delivering food to patients. I was scheduled to work after practices on Mondays, wends days, and Fridays. I was also scheduled to work on while I was working at the hospital Eliza was moving into Simeon's room with him. While Eliza was moving light things into the room the boys were rebuilding the nursery.
I would come in everyday from work and go into the nursery and check the boys progress. Blair would shoo me out and tell me I could see it when it was done. I would pout and go into my bedroom. Then Blair would come in and we would shower, sometimes together sometimes separately depending on our mood.
Blair and I still wanted a kid. We decided that it would be easier if we had only one kid in the house at a time. That didn't stop us from having sex when ever we felt like it. We were careful and used a condom though. We didn't have sex all that much though, because I with my new job and cheer leading I was always fatigued.
I was soon over the random bouts of nausea. Before long I was happy, not content, but truly and deeply happy. I had my family and I was going to be an aunt. I was living in a beautiful house with my best friend and my siblings. My brother and best friend were going to have a baby. I had the best boyfriend in the world.
Life was great. Little Blair was so excited about the new baby. She went out and bought a teddy bear for the baby shower. She was also confused. She thought that because she was going to be an aunt that she would have to be like the aunts in the movies. The person that showed up in hard times or when the child was upset. I soon explained that she just had to be there to be a good aunt.
"Sylvia what are you going to do for Blair's birthday." Eliza asked.
"I don't know. I was thinking like maybe taking him to a hotel in like L.A., or New York. Maybe I'll take him to L.A. so he can see the sights and possibly meet someone famous. He has always said he wanted to travel."
"Oh, and how many babies do you want running around your house at once?"
"Who knows we can only have two at a time anyway." I said, laughing.
"Unless there are twins," she said, thoughtfully.
"True, but the odds of that are slim to none."
"So, I'm guessing that you're taking Blair to L.A. this weekend?"
"I think he would like L.A."
"Yeah, you're probably right."
"Do you think he would like L.A.?"
"As long as he is with you, I'm sure he will be happy."
"I hope so," I said unsure.
"Sylvia he has been head over heels for you for years. Do you really think he would be unhappy doing anything with you?"
"No," I said realizing how stupid I had been a second before and smiled.
School ended soon after and I went to practice. After practice I went to work. I noticed that my back was really sore, but I had been doing so much work it was no surprise.
Care Blair's P.O.V,
Sylvia was so stressed out. She had so many things to deal with. She had school, work, cheer leading, and taking care of little Blair. She was so tired at night that she would be out before her head hit the pillow. In the mornings I would wake up with a back rub or sometimes I would even have her skip school every now and again.
"Hey babe," I said to her after math.
"Hi," She said, pulling my lips to hers.
I didn't want to, but I pulled back so we could head off to science. That Rayder guy kept watching Sylvia in every class. I would pull her closer and wrap my arms around her. He would shoot me a glare and I would kiss the top of her head.
When I got home Sylvia said there was something she had to take care of while I worked in the nursery. She had been gone a while and just before I was going to call her she walked through the door carrying three large pizza's.
"Where were you?" I asked. I took the Pizza from her and sat it on the counter.
"You'll find out tomorrow." She said, pulling my lips to hers.
"Why? What's tomorrow?"
"Did you really forget your own birthday?" She asked.
"Wow, I guess I did." I said.
She smiled and called little Blair down for dinner. She got Blair in bed and it was almost ten o'clock before Eliza and Simeon got home from the doctors.
"So?" Sylvia asked.
"The babies seem to be developing fine."
"Babies? As in plural? As in more then one?"
"Yeah," Eliza said. "they think it's twins."
"Aw," She said.
"Congrats, man." I told Simeon.
"Thanks man" He said beaming.
"So do you have everything set for tomorrow?" Eliza asked Sylvia.
"Yep it's all set and paid for and I've taken the time off that I need."
"Just be careful. With our luck our theoretical situation would be true."
"Yeah I'm set to be careful. I have more then most people can use in a month already put up." Sylvia said being sure not to leave me any hints.
"What is going on?" Simeon and I asked at the same time.
"Blair's birthday surprise from Sylvia." Eliza said.
"I don't want to know anymore." Simeon said catching on to something that I didn't get.
"Whatever," Sylvia said, "There is pizza on the counter. I think I'm going to go to bed. Blair are you going to stay the night?"
"If you want me to," I said.
"I think that is a good idea." She said. Then she added, "Give me twenty minutes before you come up there is something I have to do."
"Alright," I said.
She went to go upstairs, but I stopped her and pulled her lips to mine. I never wanted her lips to leave mine, but she pulled away and smiled at me. "Twenty minutes," she said.
"I'll be up there in exactly twenty minutes." I said.
She smiled and headed up the stairs. "You should rest up tonight!" Eliza called up the stairs. Then she turned to me and said "You should get your rest too. You're going to need all the energy you can get tomorrow."
"Why what's going on tomorrow?" I asked hopping that Eliza would tell me.
"You'll find out tomorrow. Sylvia has what I'm guessing will be you're favorite birthday gift all planned out."
"Well what is it?"
"Can't tell you."
"Can you tell me?" Simeon asked, obviously trying to help me out.
"No because I'm kind of tired and I was hoping that you would come and share a shower with me." Eliza said, cutting down any hope I had.
Simeon and Eliza took off up the stairs. Why did she do that? What was the bug secret? I hope that Sylvia realizes that this meant war on birthdays.
I sat down in the living room and flipped through the T.V. It had been a little less then an hour since they had gone upstairs so I finally went to Sylvia's room. She was laying on her bed sound asleep. I smiled and slid next to her under the covers and wrapped my arms around her before I drifted off into a peaceful sleep.
The next morning I woke up to Sylvia sitting on top of me she smiled down at me. She leaned sown and kissed me, her hands started running up my shirt. I smiled and pulled her closer to me then she pulled away.
"Happy Birthday" She whispered.
"Thanks" I said smiling up at her.
"We got to go." She whispered.