His voice is like the sound of broken souls, of lives ending and beginning, of damnation and redemption all in one visceral bout. Words that simultaenously are abstract and concrete, senseless and vivid, creating images of dark basements and candlelit hallways to somewhere else. Deep rumbles into high-pitched strain, dissolving into something nameless, indescribable, haunting. Beautiful and chaotic, structured and a fucking mess, his voice is something brilliant, beyond words. His voice is something terrible, like emotions birthed into noise, noise into emotion, in an ever-moving cyclical something. It hits me slow, like a rolling wave, like a seeping poison, creeping into every nerve and fiber until I'm so lost in it that I'm crying, music making up everything, creating and destroying worlds by the moment. It's something strange and beautiful, the way he turns noise into something better than music, sound into something so moving.