I think you are fantastically tragic.
and I think if I spent, more then
eight seconds thinking about you
I would hate myself, more then
I would hate you. and my time
will be wasted! and my money
will be spent! on nonessentials
and paraphernalia. because this
sunday, wouldn't be complete
without an eighth. and that's not
to say that we don't need food,
just, that we will not be eating.
and you will be so thin, when I
find you in the corner of the
party van. around the 36th hour
mark. when all the best drugs
have been ingested; and passed.
"I saw god, I saw god!" we will not
stop you from screaming. a reckless
worthless feeling will take us up;
and drop us down. and just like
that; you won't be so, yourself.
and I will be less, me, myself.
after that, puts you over. it will
be all smooth sailing. because
we only have to be sober
for check points four and five.