Of all the dynasties that came over Phoemar, the most unforgettable so far was that of the Romanov Family. The Phoemarese, the people of Phoemar believe that the Romanov Dynasty and its grand glory was all but myth. However, that is not the case.

We taste as it is, we smell as it is, we hear as it is, we feel as it is, but not everytime we see something, we see as it is. History and reality is forever embroidered into time by millions of strings of lives; and every string is tied to many more others, interwoven into stories and memories--the lasting imprints that can only be seen and traveled along by Magic.

Magic is as old as time, long before the universe was born. It is an immortal entity, breathing and alive for as long as there is time. For every time a string meets another, magic is felt and strengthened; and for the many lives that met, Magic is more and more strengthened.

However, there are times that Magic disappears from a string, one that is severed abruptly, and never given a chance to create a stronger string in its passing. Which is why I tell you, the Romanov Dynasty will never be forgotten. While it is myth to many, it gave birth to strings that lasted and evolved until present. We are too many and it has been too late to recall the knit in Magic and Time. Magic almost vanished, almost left its twin--Time--alone and running for all eternity.

This threat to Magic happened during the Romanov Dynasty. Where all Magic but one died. I know what you are probably thinking right now, but I doubt if it is the truth.

For not everytime we see something, we see as it is.

Author's Note: Yes, this is a version of the Anastasia story. However, not the real story that occurred in Russia. This is a version of the Animated Adaptation of Anastasia. Please don't be offended or insulted, this is merely a story that I thought of from Anastasia, and I just thought I should share it with you. Please Review, even if this is just the Prologue. I need your corrections and advices. I would be really glad if you'd share your thoughts with regards to this one. I'll be looking forward! ^_^