I woke up slowly, the sound of knocking on a door dragging me fully into consciousness. I tried to roll to drag myself out of bed, but was stopped by a strong pair of arms wrapped around my body and the ache that radiated up my back from my ass. My groan must have woken the owner of the arms around me as they tightened and the hands began to rub my back soothingly. I blinked away the sleep to look up at the face of Alex, his face relaxed and his eyes still closed, but a satisfied smile still lingering on his lips. I stared at him for a long moment, the memories of the night before flooding quickly back into my mind.

"A-a-alex..." I murmured, gently pushing against his chest as the noise from the door came again, pulling me from my reverie. His eyes opened slowly, moving over me as his smile widened and a blush immediately rose to my cheeks. "D-d-door.." I gasped out just before his lips came down on mine. He groaned, lifting his head to listen for the knocking and then groaned again when the sound came, louder than before.

"Stay here," he whispered as if I was going to suddenly disappear. There was little chance of that, as with rolling onto my stomach I was reminded of just how incredibly sore I was. Pain flared in my ass from the simple movement, shooting straight up my spine to make me groan. I could remember the last time I had felt this sore, though it was far from a pleasant memory. After the first "show" Frank had made of me and after the guest who'd so easily brought me pleasure, he'd roughly pounded me until the sun rose.

I buried my face in the pillows, not wanting to remember how helpless I had been then, how I had been at his mercy for two straight days until I could move well enough to take care of my own needs. I was actually happy to be this sore from something so enjoyable as last night had ended up being. I couldn't count the number of times I had climaxed or how many different position we'd ended up in, but it didn't matter. I could remember perfectly how tender Alex had been with me in the end, after Bayle and Zack had retired to the spare bedroom, my room. Slow and tender, more like making love than simply having sex. Passionate kisses and soft, gentle hands.

I groaned as the memory made my length stir, rubbing against the sheets and bringing to light how raw it felt. Between mouths, hands and Bayle impaling himself on me, it had been as thoroughly used as my ass had been. Still, I couldn't complain. It had all felt so incredibly good and not one of the three had been anywhere near as rough as Frank always was. As whorish as I felt for having been involved in the foursome with people I barely knew, it had felt amazing and I had no regrets to speak of.

Outside of the room, I could hear Alex's voice, speaking with an obvious male and a deeper toned female. They must have been Bayle's parents, as they were supposed to come and get him this morning. I felt a little bad that I probably wouldn't see the teen again, but he was probably better off not getting too involved with me anyhow. I was fairly certain after the last day that I'd have a difficult time not giving in to his advances and was fairly certain after waking up in the police station the night before that my nightmares were more known than I thought they were.

"How are you feeling, Coye?" Zack asked and I jolted slightly at the surprise of not having noticed him come into the room through the bathroom door. The jolt, of course, made pain shoot up my spine and I groaned softly. He chuckled softly, his hand rubbing my back soothingly. "That good, huh? I'll have Alex call Mel for you then. I'm sure she'll understand and likely be absolutely thrilled that you can't make it in today." I glanced up at him, not having heard even an ounce of sarcasm in his voice.

"W-wh-what?" I stammered, a deep blush rushing to my cheeks.

"Sorry, but anyone close to Alex knows how he feels about you," Zack replied with a smile. "And Mel is like his biggest fan, aside from me. So she'll be happy to know that you can't move today because of him." If it was possible, my blush grew ten times worse at that knowledge and I buried my face into the pillow in an attempt to hide it. I was rather surprised that I could still feel such a level of embarrassment after all of the thing Frank had done to me, but it was there, the proof being in the heat flooding my cheeks all the way to my ears.

"Is everything alright?" I heard Alex ask, his voice showing a bit more worry than I expected to hear. Frank had never worried about me the morning after. As much as my brain had twisted the image of him before I moved in, I knew in the end, that I was nothing to him. Nothing more than a toy to use for his pleasure.

"Everything's fine, Alex," Zack said, not ceasing his rubbing of my back at all. "Coye's a little embarrassed that people know about you holding onto feelings for him for the last three and a half years. Oh, but, you may want to call Mel. I doubt he'll be moving too much on his own today."

"Yeah... I can do that," Alex said quietly. "I can't call out though. I have a couple of important clients coming in today." Only now did Zack's hand stop it's rubbing at I ventured a glance back at the dirty blonde. He seemed torn, struggling with something that I couldn't exactly understand.

"I can," Zack finally said. "I'll rearrange my schedule so Coye isn't left alone." Immediately, Alex seemed to relax, a small smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. He'd been worried about me. It was odd to think someone cared that much about me and my heart skipped a beat. "Where's Bayle?"

"In the shower. After he's cleaned up and dressed, we're all going down to Frank's apartment to get his things," Alex said, his blue eyes darkening a bit. "I haven't told them anything, as I think Bayle can tell them what he wants to, but it's obvious they aren't fans of that bastard. Seems they'd tried to talk sense into him before he moved in with the oaf, but he wouldn't listen." I smiled faintly. I was happy to know that Bayle's parents loved him despite his choices. I wished that I had that. I wanted to be able to call my parents, to go home again.

"Coye?" Zack asked and I realized a tear had slipped down my cheek.

"N-n-nothing," I murmured and wiped the moisture away. The two older men exchanged a look that I couldn't read and Alex turned away to finish getting dressed. Zack's hand returned to rubbing my back, making small circle on my lower back, just above the line of the sheets. A minute later and Alex leaned over, kissing my temple softly.

"I'll see you tonight, Coye," he murmured and brushed my hair back. I felt my heart skip yet another beat and smiled softly up at him. "Take care of him, Zack," he added to his friend before leaving the room to entertain Bayle's parents until he was ready. I closed my eyes, letting the gentle fingers rubbing into my sore muscles relax me. Before long it wasn't just one hand, but both, massaging deeply into my back and almost drawing purrs of content from my chest.

I groaned as his hands slid lower, continuing his massage down over my buttocks. It hurt, much like he was pressing into a bruise, but at the same time felt strangely good. As if he knew how much it did hurt, he didn't linger long before going lower to the backs of my legs and down to my calves. I hadn't realized that the soreness of the night before had extended that far until he began to undo the stressed knots in the muscles. A moan of sheer appreciation escaped me before I could bury my face in the pillow again.

"Feel up to taking a bath?" he whispered, leaning over so he could do it in my ear. I nodded a bit, well aware of how my skin felt stiff and mildly flakey from the dried remnants of last night's mess. He smiled a bit and left the room, turning the water on in the bathroom to fill the tub. By the time he came back, I had managed to halfway sit up, leaning heavily on one arm to keep from sitting fully on my behind. In one fluid motion, Zack had easily lifted me from the bed, carrying me in his arms like some princess. "Seems a little silly to be covering yourself, Coye. I do have an intimate knowledge of your body, after all."

"I-i-i.. uh... n-n-need..." I started to stammer, but he seemed to catch on quickly and set me on my feet in front of the toilet before leaving to give me some privacy. It was still a little uncomfortable, knowing he was likely just outside the door. I had been right about him hovering outside of the door, as I'd barely managed to turn towards the tub after flushing before I felt his arms around me taking the weight off my legs. "Z-z-zack?" I questioned as he slid into the warm water behind me.

"I need to clean up, as well," he said with a soft chuckle. "Don't worry so much. You know I won't do anything to you that you don't want me to." I nodded a little and leaned back against his solid chest. I moaned softly as the heat of the water began to work it's magic into my sore body. "There's nothing like a hot, epsom salt bubble bath after a long night in bed," he commented softly, resting one arm around my shoulders and the other on the edge of the tub.

"F-f-feels g-g-good," I murmured, closing my eyes to just enjoy the warmth soaking into my bones. I wasn't sure how long we sat there in silence, Zack never moving his hands to touch more of me.

"Can I ask you something, Coye?" he whispered and I nodded slowly. "Have you contacted your parents since your break up with Frank?" I frowned a bit, not exactly sure if I wanted to follow where this line of questions would lead. Still I eventually shook my head. "Why not? Don't you think they'd want to know that you're alright?"

"T-th-they d-do-don't c-c-care..." I murmured. "T-th-they d-do-don't... w-w-want a-a-a... g-g-gay s-s-son..." Behind me, Zack sighed and squeezed my shoulders a bit.

"My father was the same," he said with a bit of nostalgia. "My mother... She put up with his abuse my entire life. It wasn't until I confided in her at fifteen that I was gay did she actually leave him. She only did it because she was afraid he might kill me when he found out." I turned my head a bit to glance at him from the corner of my eye and gauge the sincerity of his words. He was completely serious.

"Y-y-your m-mo-mother... w-w-was l-l-like... m-m-me?" I asked softly.

"Yes. Because of how much trouble she had adjusting to a life without abuse in it, I became more and more interested in psychology." I frowned. For some reason, it made me a little more than upset. "Hey, now. Calm down. I'm a psychiatrist by profession, but it's not a bad thing. Alex would be way in over his head dealing with your nightmares if I wasn't the person that I am." My frown deepened a bit, but this time not because of his job. I was upset with myself for causing Alex trouble.

"I-i-i d-d-don't... w-wa-want t-t-to... c-c-cause A-al-alex... p-pr-problems..." I whimpered, turning away. Zack immediately grabbed my chin and turned my head to look at him. His lips were pressed in a firm line and his eyes were hard.

"Alex would walk through hell and back for you, Coye," he stated firmly. "But, I understand how you feel. You're conditioned now to put other's wants and needs above your own. So, how about we work out a deal?" I blinked at him a bit before nodding a little. "Talk with me. Let me help you work through the things that happened in that apartment. And while we work through it, allow Alex to spoil you and allow yourself to be selfish. Think you can do that?"

"I-i-i... I-i-i'll t-tr-try..." I whispered after a moment of hesitation. He smiled softly and gave me a gentle peck on the lips.

"Good," he said. "Now let's get properly clean."