8-3-09 - 8-5-09

By: Kristie Martinez

Let his soul burn in the fires of hell

His skin melt and his body burn

He whispered the lies of a true devil

Turn your back, precious one

Do not let him see into your soul

For he will turn it black and fill it with hate

Don't let his eyes of innocence fool you

For it is all a lie. a plot you see

To turn you, turn you away from me

Stand back don't let him touch

For what lies in his hands is rage

From his own mistakes, but passes his blame

unto others

Be strong, for if not you will slowly lose yourself

Be drug down into the darkness

So deep you won't be sable to get out

A/N: sorry for the delay in the work. Yes the dates is when they were started and finished. Just have been bery busy. Hope you like it.