Alone, Regret, Hurt. and God

2-5-10 - 2-13-10

By: Kristie Martinez


The one word I can't seem to escape from

The feeling I can't seem to forget or lose

Walking I see the sadness of many like me

Heads down, eyes full of unshed tears

Looking for a way out

Waiting for someone to reach out with a helping hand


Also a word I can't seem to shake from head

I see his face an every male that walks by

Tears building but yet cannot fall

Praying that the memories will disappear

and hoping a smile could return to my face

Somebody I


My heart always seem to feel the this way

I can not seem to make it beat again

Whats happened to this bright happy place

Now filled with pain and darkness

The tears finally spill over and hit the ground

Someone pick me up

I'm cold so cold

Stand my child

I finally stand and look at my creator

so many questions I have

Why am I suffering so?

Please make my memories die

Let the pain stop, please

Your Pain will end and return

This is world is not perfect

and it most definitely isn't fair

Stand Tall, and believe and me

And You shall be rewarded in the end