Walking along side the highway was sort of relaxing. It said to me good, this is the first step. The first step to freedom. I only wish that it had been lighter out, but I guess at midnight all there is, is moonlight. It, being midnight, also meant that it was just me and the long stretch of asphalt, and the trees, where potential murderers and rapists could be lurking. I tried not to dwell on the danger, force of habit I guess. I focused on adjusting to the emptiness of the highway. It wasn't lonely, not that I had expected it to be or anything, I actually felt like I could get adjusted. I guess adapting was just in my nature.

I shifted my bag to the other shoulder, it was beginning to weigh on me, a lot more than expected. I glanced down at my watch; I could barely make out the time. One o'clock. There had been a couple of cars, but thankfully they just drove on by. After all, what could a kid with a ragged book bag and a split lip be carrying around? Boy wouldn't they be surprised when they found out the kid with the split lip had a few hundred bucks on him. I touched my lip, remembering how I received it, having it gave me the courage to go on.

It wasn't that I wasn't scared, because I was. Terrified. But it was scarier at home. The broken bottles, peeling paint, overflowing ashtrays. Those were all common scenery, but that wasn't the scary part. Nor were all the random males that I would come home to drinking on the couch, nor were the drug dealers that carried guns hidden in their pants. No, the scary part simply had to be my mother, when she went on one of her binges. I shuddered remembering. All the rules, so easily broken—

A screeching sound came from behind me, I twisted around to see what, or who, the culprit was. A flashy red car. It was driving at me. I leapt out of its way as it came to a violent halt. Cautiously I waited for the person to get out, or back up and try again. They kept me on ice for what seemed like hours. Finally the door slid open and a foot appeared below it. A girl pushed her way unsteadily out of the vehicle. Her hair, despite the shortness of it, had found its way into her face shielding her from view. I was frozen in time, either from shock, or from infatuation. She stretched and her shirt pulled up revealing her stomach, mine growled with hunger, a new kind of hunger, but hunger all alike. I watched her stumble backwards from the motion, she giggled slightly. I didn't figure her drunk, or drugged, just...crazy.

"Hey kid," She pointed at me. "Did I scare ya?"

I blinked, and she giggled some more. Yeah, she was crazy. She slammed the car door shut and stepped forward, I stepped back in response, and it just made her giggle more.

"I'm harmless I swear!" She pulled herself up on to her trunk. "So where's a punk kid like you headed to?"

"I'm not a punk, why do you wanna know?"

"Just a question, geeze."

She swung her legs back and forth, I had decided awhile ago that she was harmless enough, so long as she wasn't driving, but I still kept my distance. She made no other effort to engage in conversation, so I assumed we were done. I turned to continue on down the highway, her shoes hit the ground behind me. I could imagine her moving back to the car, but I knew that was too easy, crazy people didn't do what you expected.

"Woah! Hold on, I can take you where you need to go," I glanced back over my shoulder; my body willed me to accept her proposal. "Since, I kind of owe you and all, with my stunt here. See, I just get all excited when the highway empties out an--"

"Yeah, right. Take a ride from an insane stranger, who by the way tried to kill me."

"Accidentally. Accidentally tried to kill you."

I waved her off, but fully turned back to her. She had her hands behind her head, trying to balance on one foot. She straightened back out when I eyed her for awhile. Like I said, I knew she wasn't dangerous, but still, her driving skills were something to be weary of. I shifted my bag again, frowning at all the reasons I had to accept the ride. Stupid logic, always being insane.

"So, do you actually know how to drive? Or was that a first try?"

She grinned wickedly and hopped back into the car. She shifted it into reverse and sped backwards, turning the car as she did. It came to a halt beside me. I still wasn't convinced of her abilities. Maybe even less convinced. She leaned over the seat and pushed the door open. Her eyes danced playfully as her grin grew wider. I stared at her in disbelief, I wondered if somehow she sensed the money in my pocket. Ridiculous, but I couldn't decide on a good reason why she would let me in her car. Or why she would stop to talk in the first place. If I had almost killed someone, accidentally or otherwise, I wouldn't stop to chat.

"Hello? Are you coming?"

I shook all of my worries away, if nothing else she was good looking, I guess if she tried to rape and kill me, it wouldn't be so bad. I slid into the car; she took off before I had even closed the door.