The banana slurpee is the worst, I'm sure she knew that from the laugh I received. My face contorted and I shoved the foul thing away. She grinned wickedly, as she usually did. I still wasn't convinced of its godliness, but I agreed to avoid being kicked out of a moving vehicle.

"So does that hurt Kutcher?" She had taken to calling me that for the past hour or so, annoying. Perhaps I should be grateful I had no elder siblings, lord knows they would have been just like her. "Looks pretty new to me."


"Your lip?" She asked, disbelieving almost that I had no idea what she was talking about. "I guess it doesn't hurt, since you've forgotten it."

"Oh, no, not anymore," I shrugged it off. She eyed me suspiciously and I looked away.

"Bullies at school?" She inquired, trying to be sneaky.

"Er, yeah sure."

"Real convincing."

Thankfully she let it go and resumed her loud music. I stared out of the window, miles away and she still haunts me. I glared, would the fear ever go away? No, there would always be that one in a million chance that she'd find me. Not that she'd ever look, she was probably ecstatic to find me missing. Finally that good for nothing brat is gone! I can almost imagine her drugged out body leaping for joy. In the background her drug dealing friends and her Tuesday boyfriend would be cheering, I'd go as far as to put in a high school marching band. I didn't mind, I was just as satisfied. I would never be leaping for joy, and probably constantly looking over my shoulder for the evil to sneak back to me, but I was away. It was a start. A fearful, lonely start.

"Hey Ashton?" I glanced over, confused by her use of my first name. She wasn't looking at me, instead staring intently out of the front window. "I know how it feels, but you have me, so don't worry. What I would give to have had someone back then…"

I was sure the last part I wasn't meant to hear, I looked away from her, slightly embarrassed for having heard it. Her words turned in my head, how could she know? Unless… I turned back shyly; she seemed so content and overjoyed by life. Could she have honestly gone through something as traumatizing as I have? She turned to me, I hardly took note of the fact she was no longer watching her driving. How was she so trusting? I stared into her eyes and nodded. If she could pull through, then so could I. And maybe one day, far off into the future, I'd be able to drive recklessly into strangers, and help them survive too.

"Keep your head up kid, it's the best advice I've got."

A/N: Tada, my first story with actual chapters. I kind of think it's cute! And you? This is the end!
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