Love Doth Fade, and in the Night, an Enemy is Born

I grinned, knowing inside that I was being wicked, but not caring much. "I want you," I hissed into her ear, "To dance the dance of a thousand souls for me," I finished, knowing full well that she would give herself to me without complaint. I looked into her eyes…and knew….I'd gotten her. There was no way she would escape. My eyes burned with lust.

Suddenly, her eyes, so golden and sad, furrowed in confusion, surprising me and catching me off guard. My heart suddenly jerked with fear. What of the things she had promised me? "What? What's the matter, don't you love me anymore?" I asked accusingly, gripping her arms perhaps a little too tightly.

"N-no, it's not that…" she trailed off. "I love you very much," she added, biting her plump luscious lips and drawing small beads of blood. "But the dance of a thousand souls…is a dance of the forest, and of the forest alone… Remember, you promised me," she breathed softly, giving me a knowing look.

Shit, I thought, she's right. I had promised to make her my mate. This dance would prove my worthiness to the forest. Shit, I swore to myself again. Why do I have to go through this crap? I just wanted to climb on top of her already, to get inside, to have my way. I looked at her full, budding breasts for consolation. Soon, I promised myself. "Okay," I nodded, accepting my fate. An acidic smell like tomatoes came over me, rising up through my throat and burning out my nostrils; squirming up my esophagus, feeling something like a snake, but I knew it was bile. I choked it back down. "Okay," I echoed.

She started by slipping off her dress, and dancing for me, an enchanting rhythmic swaying that pulsated with the wind in the trees; so inhuman in my eyes. On the spongy moss she poised herself elegantly, she twirled herself in violent torrents of passion as the sun faded. Her skin, it shone like ivory, yet reflected the green around her as she moved effortlessly, as if she were naught but a fluid breeze in the liquid shimmer of dusk. The waning light played with her figure, enveloped it in a greenish-hue. She was an Elven goddess, prancing with light feet on the misty ground, her toes barely brushing the leaves. The dew, it sparkled in the shadows, everywhere shining green. At last, she stopped, breathing hard and her cheeks pink. "it is done," she sighed, her body gleaming with sweat, the tiny wet beads glistening with green. I wanted to touch her, and not in a good way.

She gave me that knowing look. "You promised me," she whispered, a sliver of sunlight catching her fiery eyes, while the rest of the world was dark. The coppery-gold translucence of them took my breath away, and I nodded, mystified, as I too, prepared the dance of a thousand souls. As I positioned myself for my first move, I thought of her body against mine, and the lust I felt gave me the strength to follow through. I looked to the heavens…and began.

But…this was all wrong, my dance was in darkness. In vain I crouched low and pounced on the earth, trying to feel the heartbeat of the forest, the wildness of it in my veins through the rich, heavy soil. I could hear it, smell it, it was all around me, but my soul was cast out from it. It had shut me out . I poured my heart into my frantic movements, tried to move with the fluidity that she had shown me, trying to grasp it all, hold it in my hands, but it was so dark...I was like an inky river shining in the moonlight, a leech squirming before the eye of God. I felt my heart surge with black joy, suddenly realizing that the forest was watching me from afar, but would never let me in. The forest did not accept me, would not give me its blessing….no, we would not be together. I laughed evilly as I twisted my body and jerked to the rhythm of the night that now enshrouded me, my heart distorted with revenge and wasted lust. I ripped the flesh off of the trees, hearing their screams of pain. I tasted their sweet blood on my hands as I leapt, high, higher into the air, and flew. I flew so high, hunting the helpless bats with glee, and then fell, landing on the ground, letting the bat's blood drip with black onto the soil below me. I felt it scream, its wails of pain piercing me from all angles as the blood soaked through into the heart of my mother, and I laughed.

Through the hazy black of night, I looked with the eyes of a nocturnal beast lusting for the destruction of the rhythm I felt in the earth. I wanted to dismember it, to make the hum of life erratic, unstable. I looked into her eyes, so far away from me in the charcoal smear of night, and saw a sadness there. Her eyes, they seemed to sag with molten disbelief, seemed to melt with hot tears of lava. I grinned, feeling good as I did so, and knew that I had become something else. I touched my tongue to my teeth, enjoying the new sharpness of them and how the black slime of my saliva dripped down like hissing tar. My tongue, it was so quick in my mouth, so swift, like a snake's, and I laughed at that. I growled, and her figure shimmered and began to drift away. Her eyes, so accusing with their droopy sadness, no longer lovely to my sight, were the last to fade as the dark moon rose in the sky. Yes, love doth fade, and in the night an enemy is born. My new, blackened lips curled back into a perverse smile, my throat humming with an animal sound, and I thrust out into the darkness.