; 04. cockblocalypse

It may have been the sentence my mother had ever wobbled out.

"Well, Jack, why don't you take Imogen to clean up the mess the builder's have left? You don't mind do you, Immy?"

Normally, I would despise my mother for choosing me to be the one to scrub my sister's apartment spotless because apparently the renovation had left it a state. Jenna was looking all smug and shit-eating as per. "Mum." I begun but she held up her hand. I had decided I had to make it a little bit obvious that I wasn't screaming with glee inside.

"Mum, it's not fair on Jack to have to spend the day with her." Marcy rolled her tongue across her lips, arms folding.

Jack broke the awkward silence with a short laugh, holding up his hand, "How about we finish up there then come back to yours?"

"You can pick something for tea up on the way." My mum grinned widely, flirtaciously.

Fuck off ogre, "Mum we've literally just eaten."

"Oh shut up, Imogen. You're never going to run a house, you just don't think." Wobble wobble. My dad clutched her fat wrist, sensing a fire starting and moved away towards their car. "She can be very immature, Jack."

Jack tilted his head, digging his hands into the pockets of his jeans, "I'm sure I can handle her." I hope you handle me in just about every way you can, big boy. Jenna broke off my sick fantasy, moving toward Jack and making an incredibly gross show of clasping his head between her palms and attacking his mouth in a totally unsexy way. Bitch. His lips, oh his lips. Soft but hard, cold but warm, dry but wet, on mine... I watched her saunter off back to my dad's car, swinging her tiny butt like a whore. There was in fact, a reason why men ogled as she walked past. I daren't glance up to see if Jack was watching her. My stomach dropped at the mere thought.

My mum and Jenna waved from the window as the car moved out of the empty lot and I half expected to be chucked against the car and him have his wicked way with me. God knows I wanted it. But he didn't, instead he simply smiled and opened my door for me before moving round and getting in himself.

"Fancy an ice-cream?" We hadn't had dessert because we had a starter and apparently, having both isn't 'done' anymore. Either that or my mum was watching her weight despite the fact it was going no where. I snapped back to glance at him, chewing on my bottom lip. This was a catch. On one hand, I really wanted an ice-cream, on the other hand, I didn't want to look like a complete fatty. I could have bet on the fact that Jenna would have declined. But then I did want an ice-cream.

"Mint chocolate chip, please!" I grinned, having to bite down on my bottom lip to control a blush. As he ordered from the drive-thru I took in his profile. Why the fuck was he into me? Me of all people? He was hot personified. He was something you would see on a calender, holding a tyre and covered in oil- which, unsuprisingly, was his profession. Mechanic... not a calender model... I took the cone from him with thanks, groaning in delight at the taste. He laughed and I grinned, the smile falling as I watched his tongue slip out to lick across his ice-cream. The car went silent and I just knew he knew I was watching. Watching the adam's apple in his throat bob as he swallowed, covered in dark stubble that had scratched across my neck the night before. Shit.

When the car stopped my own had near enough melted down my hand and I had to lick myself clean as we walked into their apartment complex, up the first flight of steps and to their door. The stuff had gone all sticky around my hand, dripping into my sleeve. I bit my lip, trying to manoveur between licking and holding the rest of the ice cream straight when I followed him inside.

"Look good?" His question barely registered. Their apartment was open plan, undeniably nice and modern but I hated it because it wasn't mine and this wasn't the place where I was going to grow old with Jack yet I was the one expected to clean it. Fab.

"Yeah, really. I'll just finish this then I'll grab a bin liner and hit this corner."

"One sec." I glanced up, watching as he came toward me before my blood prickled my skin hotly as his body shadowed mine. I had to lift my chin to look into his eyes, the intense dark stare making me shudder. "You have some ice-cream..." His hand cupped my jaw, thumb swiping over my bottom lip, the pressure remained for a second before he dipped the tip of it into my mouth, slipping across the flat of my tongue. At first, I was too shocked to do anything, but then I caught the digit between my lips and sucked softly. His deep stare was ruined as his eyes rolled back in his head at the feeling, lids fluttering shut. But then they were back on me, the desire in them making wet heat flood between my thighs. His palm dropped away from my face, "We should get some cleaning done." His voice was low, as if someone had forced him to swallow rocks and they were tumbling within his stomach. He turned his broad shoulders away, breathing fairly heavily and moving into the kitchen.

I smirked, happily finishing off the rest of my ice-cream and reaching for a bag. I am the Queen of Seduction, I am pretty sure of it.

Ten minutes later he moved back into the room I was with a bag full of broken plaster and shit I supposed. There was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. "Fuck it's hot in here." He threw open a couple of the huge windows on one side of the room, pressing his palm over the top of his stomach and sighing when no breeze came in. I turned for a split second to grab a piece of rubbish and then- He took off his shirt. Yeah. Jack stood by the window, grabbed the hem of his top and pulled it over his head and onto a table before continuing to sweep the floor. The muscles on his arms flexed when the motions of the brush and I am sure I'd never been that turned on watching someone clean. I wondered if I could subtly get a photo of him on my phone.

Bit weird, though...

His laugh broke me from my stupour. "Sorry, too distracting?" His cocky smile grew wider as I gaped. He had fully turned toward me and now I was staring into a mass of muscles with thin covering of dark hair. Fucking hell. He laughed again at my face, to which a massive blush crossed my face. Shit. I had to gain some pride back.

"Nah, lad. I just hope I can say the same for you."

His eyebrow raised, puzzled for a second.

I smirked, yanking off my own top and throwing it on top of his. The utter shock that overtook him made me laugh, his eyes constricted on my chest for the second before that hot, melting gaze covered the whole of my top half, over the thick curves of my prominent hips, the slight wobble of my stomach. I suddenly grew mega self concious and hated myself for being a stupid bitch, but quicker than you can say 'naked' I was span around, picking bits of trash from a ledge by the wall, my back to him. I could still feel his eyes on me, burning and my body nearly combusted. Nice one, Imogen, you're brilliant plan is a winner. Fantastic. He's comparing you to Jenna right now. Jenna who wears crop tops and cycling shorts to go running. Can you even spell running, Imogen? Stupid-

Hot breath fell on the back of my shoulder, followed by soft lips sliding along the curve of my neck, taking my hair to one side. I groaned, tilting my head to bare the entirity of my throat, his teeth scraping gently along my skin before his fucking tongue followed the path. My body jumped, settling only when his hands curled around my hips and my back fell against his solid chest. His scent overtook all my sense.

"Shit, Jack." No, concience, this is not when you raise your ugly head. Don't you fucking dare- Jenna. My sister. Images of her flung themselves into my brain and I was racked with guilt. The way she'd looked at him in church, full of love. And him... If he was using me... If this was how he would treat my sister. But oh, his tongue feels so good... No. I leant forward, away.

"Christ, Imogen." When I turned to look into his eyes I didn't expect to see what I did. The man looked steps away from suicide, torn. His palm clutched his jaw, eyes shutting before they reopened on me. "This is wrong. I'm not a cheat. I don't cheat." He moved back, turning away. "You're so young." The last part was whispered before he almost blew up with, "I ain't a fucking paedo either."

"Jack, fuck off. I'm sixteen."

He scoffed, "Jail bait. Yet you walk around like you're my age. You're too young to drink! Fucking hell. Taking off your fucking shirt..." He'd begun throwing more shit into the rubbish bag, almost shaking. I grew angrier still.

"You can't fucking say anything. I know what you're doing, making me want you. Taking off your shirt, putting your fingers in my mouth, buying me things! You know I want you and you do fuck all to stop it so don't you dare blame this on me!"

He span quickly, furiously, almsot running to me and pushing my body hard against the wall. Our lips fused, attacking each other at one, his fingers hard in my skin, mine grasping at his hair, pulling back his neck and attaching my mouth there. Mine. The word he whispered at me I wanted to return to his ears. Mine. I jumped, relying on his strong hands clutching my thighs, ramming my body into the freshly painted wall once more. I moaned loudly, his breath catching at the noise before his tongue slipped between my lips again. His free hand slipped between my thighs, curling under my underwear and literally ripping it from me. "Imogen..." His heated whisper was blurry through the pleasure racking through my body.

"Yes, now... Please." My own palms slipped, shaking and undid the button of his jeans, watching as they fell quickly to the floor. He wore no underwear. His groan was all I needed as I took the length in my hand, manourvering my body till it rested, open, in front of his. "Now." He wasted no time, slipping as far into me as possible. We both moaned loudly, chucking my head back against the wall, seeing stars both from him and from the bang. He laughed, cupping the back of my skull and pressing his lips more gently on mine. Our kiss was long and passionate, his hips moving slowly. Jack was big. Bigger than anyone I'd had before and I knew I was small from the-

"Fuck... Imogen, you're so tight..." -that he whispered against my sweaty cheek, his tongue tracing a pattern before his teeth clenched my earlobe. I hissed as finally, all of him fit inside me. He held me close for a second, letting me get used to his size.

"Now, Jack, now..." He smiled, pace picking up as he slammed hard against my hips.

Hello, Heaven, how have you been?



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