Truly, Im screaming inside when I look out the window wishing I would die

I wait for you to speak,
all I want is things to return to the way they used to be.

We cant be together but still I sit waiting.
waiting for what?

I just want you to hold me like you used to but you talk to that girl

You flirt

I just look out the window and pretend ignorance

You can tell that im irritated

So you stop

But i dont want you to

I dont want you to feel sorry for me

and I dont want you to know how I feel.
but you always do

You claim to love me

you never touch me.
You talk to me

but we can never go to that special place again,
to communicate silently

im alone

but you don't seem affected

You sit there like nothing is wrong.
do you feel the strangeness of it all?
maybe I should just give up and move on.
Find someone new,but i just can't let you go.

I make fun of the girl you talk to,

but you dont laugh you dont even smile, do you care for her?
I hate you for hurting me.
you may not do it on purpose

I just want you to let me go.
Let me be free,

but My heart will never be