A/N: Okay so I wrote this during my Addmath class (it's like calculus but harder...I'll never know what possessed me to pick that evil subject). It's basically just a bunch of words I joined together to make sentences that I joined together to make paragraphs. If you read this I can't guarantee that you'll understand everything that's happening…

I heard a mewing sound coning from the sky. Astonished and bamboozled, I looked up to see a tree above my head, with a tawny coloured, hairball resembling cat sitting almost superiorly on the bottom branch. I reached up and attempted to grab it, (it was only a few inches above my head. No, I'm not that tall, the tree was short!) But my fingers only sliced through thin air.

I gasped, eyes wide with more astonishment when I saw that the cat had move with what seemed to be the speed of lightning to the top of the tree. This both annoyed and surprised me, and I stood staring at it with my moth agape with frustration and shock for quite a while until a drop of water fell into it, for which I was quite grateful as my mouth was getting as dry as the Sahara desert.

It started to pour much harder and I took a few more gulps of water. I was soaked to the bone with my teeth chattering loudly (it was VERY cold) but the cat, sitting in its cozy tree, didn't seem to be affected by the rain at all. In fact, it seemed to be enjoying the Brain-freezing rain.

All of a sudden, out of the blue, green and red, a shiny, rainbow coloured fish plopped on to my head and flopped to the ground. It didn't seem to have any trouble breathing as the hugemongous amounts of rain provided just enough water for its survival. It was the most beautiful fish I had ever seen and it looked ethereal as it lay there calmly on the ground, with water splashing around it. It was the most beautiful fish I had ever seen in my entire life!

I picked it up form the ground and gazed at it lovingly, cradling it in my arms. This would be my rainbow-colored fish and I would call it rainy. A perfectly suitable name in my opinion. I would love it and feed it and care for it and never let it out of my sight. Ever.

My mind was playing all the wonderful times my beautiful rainy fish and i would have together, just like they show in the movies, when, suddenly, I gave a small shriek of fright when I saw a tawny colored ball of fur jump into my arms, right where the rainbow colored fish was located. Before it could register in my poor mind just what was going on, the horrible, horrendous, horrifically atrocious cat had devoured my beloved fish in one gulp!

I threw the cat onto the ground, as soon as what happened finally registered in my poor, shocked mind, and glared at it, shaking with outrage and my eyes welling with unstoppable tears, as it stared calmly back.

I hissed meanly at it, and stalked away noisily, the heavy rain camouflaging my tears as I splashed my way back home in the ginormously large puddles.

A/N: Okay that's the end of the story. My friend picked the title for this story. Not very imaginative, the poor soul.

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