Made: Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Time: 2:00p.m

All the world's a stage

And we are merely players

Led by others day by day

To be buried in Earth's layers.

How bland our lives we live through

So scared to step out of line

Marching with our masks gripped tight

Pretending everything is fine.

Some fear the light baring down

Judging with its cold, hot rays

Yet ever-knowing of our pains

And the debts we're forced to pay.

Will someone not speak up for us?

We're dying where we stand

The humans all turn a blind eye

Too modest to give a helping hand.

And yet again we are too quick

To call a man a hero

His heart is tainted like the rest

Walk backwards to step zero.

A smile etched upon one's face

Can be forced like any other

Look past their mask into the eyes

Shining true like no other.

But until that man takes a stand

And calls out to the uncertain

We'll all be no match for ourselves

So bow and smirk and pull back the curtain.