I looked up at Adam as I held the maternity clothes. I was only four months along and all my normal clothes didn't quite fit a pregnant woman. I found out the hard way that tube tops don't look as good on a pregnant woman. I sighed. I really didn't like having to get bigger clothes. I knew that I wasn't getting fat, but I had always watched my weight so closely and it hurt to see the scale.

Adam grabbed a shirt off of a rack and held it up to me. I sighed and he put the shirt back. He looked down and smiled at me, his pale eyes light, "Myra, you look fine."

I sighed again and he pulled me close to him, "I just feel so huge."

He chuckled and kissed my forehead, "The doctor even said you were small for four months," he ran his hand through my hair, "Anyway, I think you look fine."

I smiled. He always had a way of making things better. I knew exactly why. I loved him and the only thing that mattered was him, and my baby. I nodded and looked at the maternity clothes again, "We're going to be parents."

He laughed and nodded, "Yes, we'll have our own bundle of joy that just so happens to come with its share of headaches."

I laughed at him and shook my head, "You're going to love it."

"I already love it, but I know that she is going to be a headache, especially when daddy has to scare guys away from her."

I smiled at him, "You won't have to worry about that for a little while."

Adam sighed, "Sooner than we hope," he kissed my forehead, "Have you thought of anymore names?"

-I looked at Heather in the open doorway to the condo that Adam had insisted on buying. I stepped back from the door and smiled, "Mom," she smiled and pulled me into a tight hug.

She stepped back down and looked down at my stomach, "Are you taking care of my grandchild?"

I nodded and closed the door as she made her way into the living room where the TV had an episode of Buffy paused, "Yes, she's doing fine. Heartbeat's strong last time I was at the doctor's."

Heather smiled and motioned for me to sit down, "Good," she nodded as I sat down and took a step towards the hall, "Where is my son?"

I sighed, "He's at the studio for a recording."

I closed my eyes and I knew exactly where this was going, "He should be here with you. What if you fall? What if you get emotional and need him?" she shook her head.

I rested my hands on my stomach and looked up at her, "He has his cell phone in his pocket so if I need him he will come home."

"They won't let him leave."

I nodded, "He got in a big argument a couple weeks back with his recorder and now he basically controls them. He is only a phone call away."

She sighed and sat next to me, "So, do you want to finish your episode or do you want to go out for dinner? My treat."

I smiled at her, "Where do you plan on taking me?"

She smiled, "It's a surprise," she ran her hands through her short hair, "I think you'll like it."

I nodded and stood up as I hit the power button on the remote. I had enough money to not worry about it, but it just wasn't right to leave it on.

I stepped over to the door and slipped my shoes on. I looked back to see that Heather was right behind me. That woman scared me at times. She could be so quiet that I wouldn't even know where she was, "Should I change first?"

Heather chuckled and looked at my clothes. I was wearing a dark blue maternity top and a pair of black sweatpants that almost looked like a pair of black slacks, "You look fine, probably the prettiest pregnant woman I've ever seen."

I rolled my eyes, "Don't lie to me, Mom," she had insisted that I call her mom at the restaurant after she won the case for me, "I know I'm not that pretty. I wasn't pretty before I became pregnant."

She rolled her eyes as she opened the door, "Myra, you may not think that you were pretty, but you caught my son's attention when he first saw you and my son is extremely shallow."

My eyes grew wide. I had been with Adam for over six months and I had never witnessed him being shallow. He had pushed Leila away, who I thought was a lot more attractive than me, as soon as he met her. He couldn't be shallow. It had to just be his mother talking bad about him.

She rolled her eyes, "You really don't think he's shallow?"

I nodded, "He's with me. He can't be that shallow."

Heather sighed and walked out the door, "Let's go," I followed her out the door and closed the door, "I can't believe that you haven't noticed that. He's extremely shallow," she shrugged and led me out to her car.

-It was almost thirty minutes later before we arrived at her office. I was completely confused. The last time that I had seen her office was before the trial. After that I had no need to revisit her office, not to mention I was highly emotional and it almost made me cry just thinking about what my mother had done to me.

She parked and I stared at the large glass doors. I really didn't like the surprise so far. I sighed and opened the door. She followed my lead then led me into the building. I stopped as we entered the large lounge and saw Leila, the receptionist from the hospital that I enjoyed talking to, and a couple women from my work.

Leila was the first to come to me, "Myra," she pushed her copper locks behind her bare shoulder, "I'm sorry."

I stared at her in wonder, "What are you sorry for?"

She straightened her tube top and smiled, "I tried to make a move on your fiancé and father of your baby. Then I got mad at you because you had found a good solid relationship."

I shrugged, "Your life style is different than mine, Leila," I placed my hand on my stomach, "I'm not mad at you for what you did."

She sighed, "Oh," she looked over to Heather then back at me, "Mrs. Reynolds told me that it was supposed to be a girl," she turned away from me and grabbed a gift bag up off of a chair, "I'm not good with babies so I hope you like it," she handed the bag to me and smiled.

I opened the bag and pulled out a pair of pink baby booties, two little pink outfits, and a black silk maternity nightgown. I looked up at Leila, "Thank you," I sat the bag down and pulled her into a hug. When I pulled back I looked at Heather, "How did you find Leila?"

Heather smiled, "I talked to Adam about throwing you a baby shower after you refused to go along with it. He told me about Leila, and everyone else. I was going to throw you a baby shower no matter what. My granddaughter deserves the very best from the very beginning."

I smiled at her, "Thank you," I looked over to Lani, the receptionist, then at the other two women, Geanie and Amber, "Why did you want to do this?"

They all smiled and grabbed bags off of chairs, "We knew that you didn't want a major baby shower, so we're just going to give you your gifts and go out to eat. Anywhere you want to."

-I stepped through the door to find Adam standing in the kitchen with a can of soda. He stopped in the middle of opening the can and rushed to me. He pulled me into his arms and gave me a kiss. I relaxed in his embrace as he pulled away.

He smiled at me, "Welcome home."

I laid my head against his chest, "Why did you let your mother do that?"

He chuckled, "You had fun."

I nodded and my eyes grew wide as I realized that I left the gifts in the back seat of Heather's car. I looked towards the door and sighed, "I forgot the gifts."

Adam ran his hand through my hair and pushed the door closed, "Let's just go and lay down. You look tired. Did you get a nap today?"

I shook my head, "No, you're mom came before I began to get tired."

He nodded and picked me up. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he carried me towards the bedroom. He laid me on the bed and covered me up. I looked up at him, "How did it go today?"

He sat down on the bed next to me, "Our first single is Adventure," the song he wrote for me, "It's going to be on the radio as soon as tomorrow."

I smiled at him, "That's awesome," I closed my eyes, "Things are going so well."

He grabbed my hand, "Myra, they want me to go on tour for six months."

My eyes snapped open, "I'm due in less than five."

He nodded, "I know. I fought it as hard as I could, but Xander and Jimmy refuse to let this opportunity go. I won't go if you don't want me to."

I sighed and kissed his hand, "Go, I'll be okay."

He wrapped both his hands around my hand, "I really won't go if you don't want me to."

I shook my head, "I don't want you to," I smiled at him, "but I can't let you ruin your chances. I'll be okay. Your mother will be here for me."

He sighed, "Are you sure?"

I nodded, "I'm sure."

He leaned over and kissed me, "I will call you every day."

I smiled and he laid down next to me. He pulled me into his arms and I drifted off to sleep.

-I opened my eyes as I heard my baby hiccup. I looked over to where she should be, but she wasn't there. I sat up quickly and winced as I did so. I was still sore, but my baby wasn't in her crib.

"Relax," my eyes grew wide at the sound of Adam's voice. I looked over to the side to see Adam holding our daughter. His pale eyes were focused on her and it made me want to cry.

He stepped over to the bed and sat down next to me, "My mom called me when you went into labor. I got here as soon as I could. I hoped I would be able to make it in time to see her come into this world, but I couldn't," he looked up at me, "She's beautiful."

I nodded and looked down at her, "She's our little Leah."

He smiled as he stood up, "I'm sorry I woke you."

I shook my head, "I wish you would have woken me as soon as you got here. I've missed you."

He sighed and laid Leah in her crib. He sat down on the bed next to me and leaned close to kiss me, "You have no idea how lonely it is on the road without you."

My eyes began to water, "It's been unbearable here for me."

He pushed my hair out of my face, "I know," he sighed, "I only have six more shows in two weeks," he laid down next to me and held me close. He ran his hand gently through my hair as he kissed my forehead. I took a deep breath as my eyes fell shut. I had Adam back for a short amount of time and should have been talking to him or at the very least stayed awake, but I just couldn't.

-I woke up the next day around noon and Adam was still lying in the bed with me. I looked up into his pale eyes and smiled, "I've missed this."

He smiled, "So have I," he kissed me lightly then sat up, "She's been pretty quiet."

I looked over to the crib to see where our baby laid as she slept. I sat up slowly and leaned against Adam. He wrapped his arm around and grabbed my hand, "I have a few days before I have to go back. They cancelled tonight's show."

I smiled and closed my eyes, "That's nice."

He nodded and squeezed me lightly, "Xander and Jimmy fought with me," he kissed the top of my head, "It's so odd travelling so much. There is so much of the country that I have never seen."

I smiled and nodded, "Sounds like fun."

He shrugged, "It would be better if you were with me."

I sighed and looked up at him, "I can't, Adam, I have to stay here and take care of Leah."

Adam nodded, "I know, but when she gets old enough we can all go as a family," his pale eyes were bright with excitement and there was nothing I could say against it. Once Leah got to about two years old it would be okay to go different places with her.

I smiled, "That sounds like fun."

He kissed my forehead, "I can't wait," he looked over to Leah as she made a sound before she started to cry. He stood up and walked over to her. He picked her up and looked down at her. He looked so amazed and the sight still made me want to cry.

He took a deep breath and sighed before he laid her down in her crib again. I watched him as he opened her onesie and removed her diaper. I laid back as he changed her diaper. He knew exactly what he was doing. It made me jealous. The nurses had to show me how to change a diaper the night before.

When he finished he brought her over to me and sat next to me. He looked down at me and chuckled. It must have been obvious that I was jealous, "Both Jimmy and Xander have kids already. I'm their godfather and had spent many nights with them while their parents duked it out."


He sighed, "Both Jimmy and Xander got some strange girl pregnant. The relationship lasted until the baby was about six months. I had to watch the kids while their parents were settling who would have custody."

My eyes grew wide, "Jimmy and Xander never talk about their kids."

He nodded, "I know, neither of them got custody because they were in a band and didn't have a real job or anything."

I shook my head, "Have the mothers called either of them?"

Adam rolled his eyes, "Countless times since they first heard about Zanity's Lost making it big," he looked down at Leah, "Hey, Leah," he smiled at her, "did you sleep well?"

I smiled as he kissed her forehead lightly. He was going to be such a great father. He was going to be gone for long periods of time every few years or so, but I would be able to live with that and I knew that he would make up any lost time. Things couldn't have turned out better.