Taking A Poet Home Alone

Just a drabble of feelings that sprang up while reading.

Taking a poet home alone, ever think of doing that?

At first glance a non-story.

Taking a poet home alone, I think it every day.

First the thought of the invitation given and accepted,

always makes the butterflies awaken in my tummy.

Then dwell on the fact it is a poet, because

the poet would dwell on you.

Taking a poet home alone,

makes any home a stormy ocean.

I in a row boat adrift.

Makes a home a desert with the poet

a lone mirage of a pool of water.

Alone with the poet,

here comes those welcome feelings again.

A smile slowly shows.

That's all the poet wants, a smile.

Taking a poet home alone,

just an illusion but don't ever stop.

Illusions make life beautiful.

Floating on the poets words,

wrapped in the warmth poems generate from within.