"Earth to Sabrina." Natalie snapped her fingers in front of her sister's face.

Sabrina shook herself at the sudden disturbance of her thoughts and brought herself back to the here and now. She stared into a face identical to hers peering back at her from the front seat of the car. They only discernible difference between them was the amused smile gracing the other face while her own was distracted. Natalie was her twin sister and was the self proclaimed leader of the three of them.

Nikolas looked back as well when no response had been forthcoming from Sabrina. "You alright, sis? You look a little out of it." That comment shocked Sabrina out of her state of contemplation, her brother never normally abandoning his jokester façade to show real concern.

"Yeah, I'm fine, Niko." She turned away from them to look out the window as Natalie turned around to continue their drive home.

School had been torture today. She would never have survived as long as she had without her siblings there to help her and protect her from the mean things the other kids said about them. They were an unconventional family, but that was no reason to make up rumors and ridicule them for that.

She shook her head briefly to dispel the thoughts clambering around in her head and forced a smile onto her face. Niko looked away clearly not believing her unconvincing attempt at a cheerful disposition.

With both of her siblings no longer eyeing her, Sabrina focused on the images flying past them as Natalie drove them out of the city into the outskirts. The forest got steadily thicker the longer they drove and Sabrina felt herself relaxing more as they got closer to their home, hidden among the trees.

She leaned her head against the glass and found herself missing running. She ran for the school team, but the season had ended a week ago and she found that she was a bit tighter and tenser now that she no longer had that as a release. She could just run, but she longed for the competition, to be able to run so fast that she felt as though she were flying in front of her opponent.

She closed her eyes as she blocked out what her brother and sister were chatting about in the front seat. She imaged the sounds of the forest, no car engines or people, just animals calling to one another, the crunch of small movements made by the various creatures in the brush, and her breathing.

The car stopped and Sabrina brought herself out of her reverie as she knew they had reached their house. She climbed out of the car and followed her brother and sister into the dwelling. Natalie immediately heading toward the back of the house to fix them all lunch.

She opened her mouth, automatically calling out to her parents who often worked at home. "Mom, Dad, we're home." She stopped when she remembered that they were away on business. Niko snickered from behind her and she turned trying to hide her blush, and replied hotly, "Don't laugh at me."

"Who are you calling out to then?" Niko laughed now and Sabrina's face darkened even more. She knew he wasn't being malicious only teasing her because she always got so defensive, when he picked on her. "Mom and Dad aren't here."

To emphasize his point, Niko walked into the pristine living room and set his feet on the coffee table, something that would not normally be allowed if their Mother were here to see him.

Sabrina walked into the room after him and shoved his feet off the table playfully. "You never know, Mom might have cameras hidden so she can see what sort of rules we break while she's not here." She flopped down next to him, breaking another rule in the process.

Niko turned to her and gave her the face they would often give each other as children when one of them broke the rules their mother put on them. He opened his mouth in a wide 'O' and yelled, "Oooo! Sabrina bounced on the furniture! Mommy! Mommy!"

Sabrina giggled at his childish behavior. "What? Are we five again?"

"Sure, why not?" The obvious smart ass, immature boy answer. Niko smiled at her and she felt her heart stop for a second and wasn't sure of what was happening to her.

Niko noticed as her smile faltered in the middle of their bantering and his own dropped off his face. "Are you alright, Sabrina?" His face mirrored the concern in his voice and she knew her odd behavior today was starting to worry her siblings.

She stood up and ran one hand through her long, blonde hair, messing it up slightly. "Yeah, I'm totally fine. Nothing's amiss." She gave him a smile that seemed to convince him of her well-being as he returned it brightly.

"Who says amiss, Ms. Vocabulary?" He stood up next to her and ruffled her hair so that it was all over the place. "By the way, your hair is all messed up." He laughed and ran out of the room toward the kitchen, wary of his sister's temper.

Sabrina pushed her hair off her face, not really sure what else she had to do to fix it, as Natalie had done it for her that morning. She then stomped off to where Niko had disappeared, knowing he would steal her food if she didn't move fast enough and get her share.

She found Natalie standing behind the counter, holding Niko's ear as he was bent nearly in half to reduce the pulling on his appendage. "I spent a long time doing Sabrina's hair and fixing your lunch and you come and destroy them both in one fell swoop. You'd better be prepared to receive your punishment, young man."

Sabrina hid a smile behind her hand as Niko received the scolding of his life. Natalie could rival their mother in giving a good tongue lashing and that woman was ruthless when her rules were broken.

She ignored the other two as she sat down on a stool at the counter and saw that her sister had made them sandwiches for lunch. Sabrina was not fond of the food the school provided for their midday meal and neither were her siblings so they all agreed to take turns making food at home after school.

She calmly ate her sandwich, taking in the argument with great amusement. If her brother and sister didn't argue over everything, Sabrina would take it as a sign of an impending apocalypse and pray for it to be quick. Niko had somehow gotten back his ear from Natalie's grip and was now towering over her, bellowing at the top of his lungs at her while she shouted right back.

They were both red in the face and not nearly close to coming to a truce over Niko's destructive ways for today by the time Sabrina had finished her sandwich. She decided that she would rather take a shower than watch this debacle for the next ten minutes it would take for the two of them to calm down.

"I'm going to take a shower." She said it offhandedly to the loud kitchen, not expecting to be heard over the disputing pair. She turned on her heel and walked up the stairs, shaking her head at their childish fighting, though now she didn't bother to cover the small smile spread across her lips at their antics.

She walked into the bathroom the three of them shared and found herself facing the floor length mirror on the wall opposite the doorway. She and the mirror did not like each other one bit. The mirror preferred her sister more in its reflections. She looked frumpy and bookish, while her sister always looked fabulous and perfect.

Their hair was the same shade of light blonde, but while hers was long down her back and pulled into a ponytail nearly every day, Natalie's was shorter and stylishly done most of the time. Blue eyes stared at her from the mirror and she knew they could as easily been her sister's or even her brother's.

She then trailed down and studied her body that was encased in unusually fashionable clothes courtesy of her sister once again. Her breasts seemed larger and more prominent and her hips looked curvy and distinguished, while her legs appeared long and slim. On any other day, she would be wearing jeans and a t-shirt, instead of the formfitting blouse and tight skirt she was currently sporting.

She turned away from her reflection quickly not comfortable with the scrutiny she was applying to herself. She turned the knobs on the tub that she knew would make the water the perfect temperature for her shower. Sabrina then stepped back to get undressed, throwing her clothes into a pile on the floor and got under the stream of warm water.

She threw her head back under the spray so her hair was thoroughly soaked. She just stood under the spray, letting it wash away the day.

She didn't know what she would do if her sister and brother weren't there. If they weren't such a close-knit unit, she had no idea how she would have managed to go to public school up to this point. They were always there for her and had been since the womb. She was sure nothing would be able to separate them, not even time and distance.

Thinking about her brother and sister inevitably brought her thoughts to the unusual closeness they shared. She knew that their relationship was taboo, but she couldn't help that they were so devoted to one another.

Sabrina couldn't remember the first incident where they had discovered that all of them coveted each other as more than siblings, but she knew that they had been even more inseparable since. They took every chance they could to be together.

Whenever she thought about their times intimately, her cheeks flushed and her body responded to the very vivid memories. This time was no exception and the warm water was not totally to blame for the pink stain on her face.

She quickly turned off the water and got out of the shower, trying to shove the thoughts to the back of her mind. She wrapped a towel around herself and moved to the door to find Niko standing right outside the door. His eyes were immediately locked on her own and she felt her earlier feelings returning to her as he continued to just watch her.

She tore her eyes away from his and looked anywhere but at him. She felt him still staring at her intently and she glanced back over at him to find him taking in her barely clothed form.

Sabrina moved quickly trying to get past him, all of a sudden shy under her brother's gaze. Niko put an arm in front of her on the doorjamb blocking her escape. He reached out and placed a hand under her chin, tilting her face upwards toward his burning eyes. His blue orbs were a startling shade and she was shocked by the intensity of Niko's gaze on her.

She only saw his intentions as he began to lean toward her and she saw the plan on his lips and in his eyes. He swooped down and pressed his lips firmly on hers. She immediately relaxed into the strength Niko had an abundance of, comfortable and confident that he would take care of her.

Their lips moved against each other in an almost desperate fashion, each trying to get closer to the other. Sabrina lifted her arms so that they were wrapped around Niko's neck and pressed her body flush to his. Loving the contradiction his hard, strong body provided her softer, more pliant body.

The towel, the only covering her body a few moments ago, was but a memory crumpled in a heap on the ground at Sabrina's feet as the two continued their impassioned kissing. Their tongues found their way into the other's mouth and fought one another to see who could feel the most, who could win a battle with no losers.

Niko wrapped a hand around her waist and lifted her off the ground into his body. He walked them toward the bedrooms at the end of the hallway slowly, never leaving her mouth for more than a few seconds to get a breath.

Halfway to his room, Niko pushed her against the wall and tore his mouth from her lips to trail down to her neck. Sabrina wrapped her slim legs around his hips and buried her hands in hair only a few shades darker than her own, urging him on. She gasped when his mouth sucked long and hard at the juncture where neck met shoulder and she knew there would be a large bruise there, but in the midst of her passion she couldn't bring herself to care.

He trailed even farther down to her chest, nipping and sucking, leaving little red spots all over her. Niko got to her breast and pulled the tip into his mouth, sucking hard much to Sabrina's pleasure. She gasped aloud when he used his teeth to roughly tease the nipple and felt herself growing very wet at his ministrations.

Someone cleared their throat very loudly from behind the two very aroused teenagers and they turned instantly guilty. Natalie looked at the two of them sternly. "You couldn't wait for me. The two of you are shameless."

Niko as per usual was quick to put the blame at someone else's feet. "It wasn't my fault. Sabrina came out of the bathroom wearing barely anything." He pouted at the accusation that suggested it was his fault.

Sabrina managed a mock affronted look. "You're the one who kissed me first," she told him.

"I agree with Niko, Sabrina. You can't go around just wearing towels. We'll start to think that you're trying to seduce us." Natalie grinned. She walked forward confident in her purpose.

"But I –" was all Sabrina got out before her sister claimed her lips in a dominating kiss. Sabrina was dazed at the end of the kiss and was willingly dragged into Natalie's room. She was manhandled into lying against the headboard, Natalie sitting on top of her thighs, kissing her again into compliance.

At that moment, Sabrina would have agreed to anything her siblings asked of her. So she didn't notice what Niko was doing until a sharp prick at her wrist alerted her that there was more going on than her twin's lips and tongue moving against her own.

When she felt the second prick, she managed to bring herself out of her pleasure induced trance to find out what was being done to her. Her arms were now trapped above her head to the bed with a pair of fierce looking handcuffs, big, black, sturdy ones that had little thorns on the inside designed to pierce the skin of whoever's wrist was inserted into the restraint.

Natalie broke away from her lips to whisper in her ear. "Naughty girls must be punished." Then her sister was gone from atop of her and her brother, her very naked brother, was in her place licking and nipping all the skin he could reach. He briefly attacked her nipples, leaving her whimpering for want of more, before leaving to trail down her flat stomach to the patch of hair between her thighs.

All of sudden, she felt a second tongue on her skin, but this one on her arm moving up towards her wrist. She turned and saw that Natalie was also now naked and licking the small trails of blood that her punctures wrists had caused.

Sabrina moaned out at the sight of both of them pleasuring her in unison. Her brother all hard, defined muscle and hands that were everywhere and her sister sleek and beautiful using her talented tongue for her ecstasy. Natalie stopped licking her arms and brought her mouth to Sabrina's, sharing the coppery scent and taste of her own blood with her.

Niko chose that moment to insert his tongue deep into Sabrina's tight channel and she screamed into Natalie's mouth. He moved his tongue back and forth, in and out, constantly changing the depth of his thrusts, keeping Sabrina off guard.

She felt like she was at the edge of a precipice, her brother both pushing her toward the edge and then pulling her back to safety. All she wanted was the endless joy of the freefall she knew would experience once she was over that ledge.

She was at her brink, waiting for her release, when all of a sudden everything stopped. The tongues at her two openings left abruptly leaving her wanting and she voiced that to her two siblings. She strained against the bindings, trying to find where the sources of her pleasure had gone to.

She gasped aloud when she pulled on the handcuffs causing the tender skin of her wrists to rip even more. The sting was a beautiful pain, making her wish that she could come to that feeling absorbing her. With the remembered knowledge of the handcuffs, Sabrina began to purposely make the sharp barbs dig into her skin, knowing the wonderful agony it would bring.

Natalie came back to her sister, knowing what she was trying to achieve through her efforts on her restraints. She stood to the side of her slightly younger sister and grabbed the previously well styled hair roughly bringing her face toward her and leaning over her exposed neck before biting down hard, drawing a trickle of blood to the surface. This caused Sabrina to go into somewhat of a frenzy of wants and needs that she needed her two siblings to fulfill.

Niko stood next to his two sisters, watching as Natalie tenderly cleaned up the aftermath of her violence against Sabrina's throat. He suddenly had a good idea as to how to make their lovely sister even crazier.

He grabbed Natalie's hand and pulled her away from her treatment of Sabrina's neck. He pulled her into a passionate kiss, pressing against the small of her back so that they were flush against one another.

Normally, the two of them liked to torment their more vulnerable, passive sibling, but Niko knew that watching the two of them make out would make Sabrina even more desperate for release.

They turned so that Sabrina could see that Natalie was cupping Niko's heavy erection and Niko was playing with one of Natalie's nipples, while squeezing her ass. The two continued to press their lips together along with the intimate sharing of fluids via their tongues being in the other's mouth.

Sabrina was moaning and squirming in her fastenings, her arousal increasing to an almost painful degree. She knew her siblings liked to focus on her and this change of pace was making her even more frustrated. She wanted them to come over here and release her instead of deliberately driving her insane.

She breathed a sigh of relief when they broke apart and moved around the bed, one on each side of her. Just as she was starting to get nervous about what they intended to do with her, she found herself on her side with her brother in front of her and her sister pressed into her back.

Sabrina felt slick fingers probing her back entrance just as her brother was adjusting her from the front to take him. She put her leg over his hip as a single finger entered her anus from behind. She tensed a bit at the ache that finger caused, but relaxed as her brother rubbed himself against her clit and her entrance in an effort to help decrease her discomfort.

She moaned as her brother's cock did its job and the finger in her ass started to feel good. Another finger joined the first as Sabrina gasped at the increased pain and they slowly started stretching her out for what was to come.

The pain felt good in a way and she was used to it by the time a third finger was inserted and they started thrusting in and out of her body. Niko took the opportunity to sheath himself in her empty channel, fast and hard.

Sabrina felt like she was on a stimulus overload with pleasure coming at her from both angles. The thrusting of her sister's fingers and her brother's cock, coupled with her the burning from her ass and her neck was submerging her in a sea of passion that she was slowly drowning in.

Niko was grunting from the force of his thrusts in front of her and Natalie was breathing very fast from her own exertions. Sabrina knew that they were all very close to coming and she leaned forward to press her lips against her brother's as she exploded around her siblings.

Her brother continued to thrust for a moment before grunting against her mouth signaling his release. She moaned as she felt his seed shoot inside of her and felt bereft as Niko pulled out of her, and then Natalie too left her body.

They all lay there panting as their racing hearts and pounding bodies came to slow stop. Niko reached up and released her using a tiny button she couldn't reach while inside the cuffs. She brought her wrists down and just lay, trying to catch her breath.

"Wow…" was all she managed to say, once she could speak normally once again. And then she started giggling as her brother and sister joined her in laughing, the three of them hysterical in their exhaustion.

Sabrina snuggled closer to Niko's chest as soon as she stopped chuckling, feeling her eyelids drooping. Natalie and Niko exchanged looks over her head deciding to let her sleep, knowing that they had tired her out with their games.

Niko too was comfortable in his sister's embrace and was soon in a deep slumber next to Sabrina. Natalie was a little slower in getting to sleep. She wrapped her arm around her sleeping sister's waist as she watched the two in their peaceful slumber.

She slowly felt the warmth in front of her and her physical activities catching up to her and let herself slip into a pleasant doze, knowing she would need to wake up in a few hours to prepare dinner for her incorrigible siblings. As the world faded away, Natalie's lips twitched upwards into a smile, reflected on the faces of Niko and Sabrina.