Elliot followed Justice's thin finger over to the abandoned house in front of them. "We can stay in there for a couple of days. It looks safe enough." Elliot nodded his head, knowing better then to argue with his twin brother at this point in the game. They had been running hard for so long against the world and with every new place or change that came along, they had to quickly adjust without questioning.

Once they were inside, Elliot put his bags down and sat on the old tilted couch, while Justice decided to search the place. "I'll be right back," he mumbled over to his twin. His brother seemed to ignore him, so he shrugged his shoulders slightly, and started walking around. There to his left, was a dirty kitchen with pans still in the sink and some old boxes of food hanging out of the cupboards. Turning away in disgust, he went over to the next room, which appeared to be a bedroom. Thin rays of light shined through the window and onto the king sized mattress in the center.

Justice let a small sigh escape from his thin lips and after another few minutes of checking things over, he went back to his brother in the living room. "Everything looks good," he said, as he sat across from Elliot on a red broken chair. "Okay, if you say so." Justice narrowed his green eyes at his twin, hating the fact that Elliot always seemed to know when he wasn't sure about something. "I do say so. Now, I suggest that we unpack, and then find something to eat or drink."

Elliot looked at his twin's familiar narrowed eyes, wanting to smirk at them. "See, I would agree to something like that, but I don't feel like unpacking, nor am I hungry or thirsty. What if we do something else?" If he couldn't question the place they were staying at, he had to give his brother a hard time in another way. He watched as Justice's narrowed eyes seemed to relax and a new expression that Elliot couldn't name came onto his face. "What exactly do you have in mind?"

"I think you know exactly what I have in mind. Do I really have to spell it out for you?" Justice swallowed hard at Elliot's comment and looked down to the dirty floor. True, he did know what his twin was talking about, but he didn't know if he wanted to do it again. He wasn't the type of person to take chances and to take chances when they were here, in this house, was probably not a good idea. "No you don't have to spell it out for me Elliot," he started softly, "but I don't think that we should do anything here. We need to stay low for a little while and plus, you know I don't completely feel like that towards you."

Elliot wanted to laugh, but instead he just held it in. He knew Justice well enough to realize that his brother wanted it, but of course he had to deny it first. Luckily, that was a spell that Elliot was a champion at breaking. "First of all, you were the one that said this place was safe. Second of all, you know you do, why do you have to keep ignoring your desires? Why not give in again?"

Justice just dropped his head lower, causing his dark black hair to fall in front of his face. "Yeah, but that's not the point. We need to keep our powers quiet for now because of what happened last time. And I don't want to give in Elliot, you know I'm stronger then that. Why do you always have to bring it up? Why can't one time be enough for you?" At his last statement, Justice then raised his head slightly to connect his green eyes with his brother's.

"Stronger then what? What do you have to prove? And I always bring it up, because unlike you, I don't deny my feelings. One time is one time and even though it ended in a disaster, I loved every single minute of it, and I know you did too." Elliot had enough of this bullshit. Without waiting for his brother to answer, he got up from the torn up couch and started to leave the room.

He made his way into the bedroom and stood over the old mattress, with no sheet or blanket over it. "Well this won't do," he said quietly to himself. With that, he closed his eyes and in several seconds, flames of yellow fire shot out from his two hands. He touched the soft surface in front of him until the flames licked the mattress, which caused the whole bed to start burning up. A playful smile came onto his face and after what seemed like a few moments, he blew a cool wisp of air, and the hot fire became a red soft blanket.

When he was sure all the flames were out, Elliot collapsed onto the warm bed in front of him. He closed his green eyes, hoping and waiting for what was to come. He was used to getting what he wanted, even if he had to go around a couple of obstacles to achieve his goal. Yet, in the end there were sometimes consequences, but at least they were consequences that he was willing to face.

Justice was quite different from his twin brother. He was the one that sacrificed even the largest part of himself to people and other things around him. He would never do what he really desired, even if in the end it killed him. So ignoring Elliot in the bedroom, would be quite easy. All he would have to do, was concentrate on something else, or someone else. Someone like his past girlfriend for instance. She had been beautiful, with blonde hair and a round innocent face. It was all a man could ask for or dream about and at the same time, he was not able to have her in the end. They had found her with him one night and they took her away from him to be murdered.

As he thought about her, he made a fist with his left hand, anger, sadness, and sexual frustration all beginning to build up within him. Justice wanted to scream at the top of his lungs and to close his eyes so he could cause a flood of water, from the magic that was in his body. Elliot knew this would happen. It was his brother's way of slowly torturing him, until he had no choice but to somehow get release.

Unable to contain himself, Justice walked at a quick pace to the bedroom, and found Elliot lying on the mattress and the new blanket, with his eyes closed. He crawled over his brother and leaned his head down to kiss his twin. As soon as their lips made contact, Elliot's eyes flew open and he grabbed Justice closer to him.

He knew he would get his twin to come eventually and that fact made him kiss his brother even harder on the mouth. Justice's tongue was hot and sweet and it made Elliot just want more. He was the one in control, even if he sometimes gave his twin the illusion that it was the other way around. With that thought in mind, he closed his eyes and made the kiss deeper, along with causing small flames to shoot out from his fingertips.

In seconds, Justice's shirt was on fire. He tried to ignore the burn and the heat that was arching into his skin, but instead it just seemed to turn him on. The flames caused him to fall to the side of his brother and soon enough, the fire was out, his shirt was completely gone, and Elliot was now on top of him. "Oh wait, I think I forgot something. Your pants."

Before Justice could respond, with one touch of his twin's hand on his jeans, his pants burst into flames. The warmth of the fire was now circling his cock, which caused his length to grow hard and long. He arched his back on the mattress, his whole body craving and wanting more now. "Holy shit Elliot," he said in what seemed like an agonizing growl. Justice sat up and threw his brother back down onto the bed, until he was the one that was back in control again.

To Elliot's disappointment, the fire burned his twin's pants way too fast. He had wanted the flames to do most of the work for him, but it was obvious now that he had to work a little harder to stay on top of his brother. He was forced back into a kiss and as their lips connected again, extra water seemed to enter his mouth. The magic liquid circled around his lips through the kiss, making the corner's of his brother's mouth more delectable then ever. Though the need for power took hold of him and while still kissing his twin, he reached one of his hands down to feel Justice's length.

At Elliot's touch on his cock, more heat spread up his length, reaching to his groin. His eyes widened in pleasure and he almost pulled away from his twin in the fear that his brother had set his most private part on fire. However, he trusted Elliot, and he knew that the other would never completely hurt him physically. Still, the shock of warmth, caused him to collapse on the other side of his brother again, pulling Elliot on top of him, still in lip lock.

Happy that he was back where he wanted to be, Elliot stopped kissing his brother for a moment and quickly stripped off all of his clothes. When he was done, he parted Justice's legs, and without preparing his twin, he entered inside of his brother's tight entrance. Elliot heard Justice moan in pain mixed with more pleasure, as he rocked slowly but surely into him.

Although at this point, Justice couldn't take anything in slow motion. He needed his brother to go faster because his groin and his body was so hot that he didn't know how much more he could take. The heat had become the very friction between them, even the air cracked with one or two thin flames. Justice grabbed Elliot's muscled shoulder blades and turned his brother completely over, until he was underneath him.

Now it was Elliot's turn to be surprised. His cock had been lifted out of his twin's entrance when he was forced to go under Justice. "I'm almost there, damn it! What are you doing?!" To answer his twin's question, he filled Elliot's two ass cheeks with his own cock. His brother practically screamed with the contact inside of him, but Justice didn't care. He rode his brother quickly, but at the same time harder then he had ever done before.

Elliot hated his brother now, but at the same time he was in the best pleasure he had ever been in his life. He rocked in sync with his twin, until he felt his cock explode with come and one or two flames. The come exploded all over Justice and the small flames licked his brother's skin, making his muscled tone body burn a little bit.

Yet, the heat from the fire of his twin's come, caused Justice's groin to tighten even more, until he came deep inside of Elliot. He let out another moan of deep satisfaction and collapsed onto his twin's chest. Elliot stroked his brother's hair with his hands, a smirk now officially on his face. "See Justice, it's not so bad giving into your desires once in a while. Right?" He looked at his brother's face laying on his chest and saw that his twin was already asleep.