(A/n: This is a letter I sent to my local newspaper. Maybe it will help young readers who haven't been given much accurate information about the U.S. government. Especially now that we are slipping into a socialist/fascist state of mind that assumes that the people belong to the government and it can do anything it wishes to them.)

Sick Politics

The March 28 editorial "Constitutionality of health law is not yet clear" drew a distinction between "We as regular citizens without a background in constitutional law" and "the 'pros' -- those with formal knowledge of the law."

Actually, every American is a constitutional lawyer because the Constitution belongs to us. It has our name on it: "We the people of the United States." In the strictest sense, it is an owner's manual.

We the people built a machine called "government" and made the Constitution to tell our public servants (including the President) how we want them to serve us while operating the machine. We did not give them the power to play doctor with our bodies and freedoms.

Obama's health care monstrosity threatens to surpass even the notorious 1920s Buck v. Bell case, in which the revered Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes jr. insisted on castrating people whom he thought weren't as smart as he was. His famous opinion then could apply to the current Democratic administration and Congress: "Three generations of imbeciles are enough."