Chapter One

Stars Collide

"Cheers!" Everybody raised their glasses and clinked. I smiled timidly while wincing.

The music boomed in my ears as I tried to shut it out. Why did my manager make me go to this congratulatory party?

"Hey, Elaine! You having fun, yet?" April exclaimed, her face was sporting a smile. I wrinkled my nose at her.

"Nope. Not yet," I snorted and put my head down onto the sticky table. "Why do I have to be here?"

"You just finished the drama!" she replied, sounding shocked that I didn't know. Really, I didn't.

April Hamilton, my manager. Manager for what? Well, my name is Elaine Cotter; I've recently tried out to be an idol, to my pleasant surprise, I made it in. I've already starred in a few commercials and played some parts in dramas or movies; added quite nicely to my fuel. Chestnut brown hair, bright green eyes, petite and innocent looking. Perfectly innocent.

I rolled my eyes at her. "Oh please. All I really did was stand around."

"Experience is key, my dear!" April said wisely, her short brown hair bobbed as she nodded.

"I'm going to get going now, alright?" I shouted at her, trying to be heard over the loud booming music.

"Oh, but you should watch out, there's a lot of reporters outside," April warned as she took a gulp from the glass cup. "Remember to…"

"Smile and wave gently at the camera, hmm?" I finished for her and then pushed my hair back before pulling on my cap. "I'll be sure to do that."

"President Newman!" April sang and disappeared into the strobe lit crowd. Yuck, it'd suck to be epileptic in this this. All this loud music was making my head hurt.

I've always hated being around loud things. Irritated, I shoved my hand against my ear; it has always made me uncomfortable. My pace grew quicker as I pushed my way through the crowd. People were packed together, grinding or dancing to the abnormal beat.

I rushed towards the door and my elbow hit something.

"Hey, watch it!" someone complained and I was restrained. Someone was holding onto my elbow.

"Let go!" I barked and tried to wrench my arm free. "I need some air." The person didn't let go of my elbow, instead the grip tightened.

"Pardon me? You made me spill," the voice was softer now, it wasn't the person who was holding my arm.

I wrenched my head around to grow a few glares. "Sorry, I didn't mean to." The guy who was holding my arm stared at me, he was clearly angry, but there was nothing spilled on him.

"At least apologize sincerely," the brown haired boy growled at me, his brown-green eyes narrowing at me.

"Christopher, don't be so hostile," it was a guy with shaggy hair. A dirty blonde as you may call it. "Alec doesn't look like he minds…"

They looked like gang, but of course, gang members wouldn't have been allowed in this particular club. The so called Alec stood with a half empty glass cup still clutched in his hands. His icy blue eyes stared at me.

"You should really be more careful," Alec seemed to say that through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry, but you guys shouldn't have been standing near the exit…." I sighed and pulled off my cap to push back my hair. "It's a fire hazard."

"Oh?" the blue eyed boy didn't look too amused. He merely smirked at me.

"Yes, so, I'm sorry I rammed into you, but I am in a hurry," I grumbled and jammed the cap back onto my head. Without another word, I spun around towards the door.

"Wait," a hand grabbed onto my wrist this time. "Are you really going to leave just like that? What about the mess you caused?" He didn't really sound like he cared about the mess on his shirt, he just wanted to antagonize me.

"You're most likely rich to be in this club, aren't you?" I arched an eyebrow at him and jerked my wrist from his grip. "A rich boy like you can most likely afford to dry clean that."

"Wait, you--" Christopher chimed and he walked forward. At the same time, I pushed open the door.

I glared at Alec. "Please control your posse."

Alec crossed his arms and just stared at me. It was really beginning to creep me out. He took a mild breath and said, "Thick skinned, stubborn, air headed woman."

My left eye twitched as I glowered at him defiantly. "Am I?--" I leaned against the door and it popped open making me lose my balance. "Oh!" I was thrown into the cold air of outside.

"It's Elaine Cotter!" I heard the reporters say in awe and clicks of cameras filled the air with flashes, but the wet ground never came to meet my descent.

"What's this?" Alec's eyes pierced me as he smirked over me. I felt his hand slink around my waist teasingly. Heat erupted on my face.

"What's your relationship with Alec Lightwood?" the questions began to fill the air.

"You're heavy too," Alec continued, ignoring the questions of the reporters. Abruptly, he pulled his arm away and I sprawled onto the ground. "My hand slipped."

I laid there on the ground, anger eating at my innards. Oh, my god. I am going to beat his ass.

"Ms. Cotter, how do you explain this? What is your relationship with Alec Lightwood? When was your first kiss with him?" a man with an abnormally big nose hovered very close to me, shoving his microphone into my face.

"First kiss?" I sputtered. "Kiss?"

Alec was already gone, he had disappeared inside, leaving me to battle the reporters. Ha…ha…ha….

"Yes! Yes! Kisses!" the big nosed reporter continued, his notepad literally stuck to his nose.

I snapped, I swear, this isn't good for my mentality. "Why don't you stop snooping around with that vacuum sized nose and mind your own business?!" My fist flew forward furiously. Eat this you old---


I stared vacantly at the newspaper that was laid out in front of me.

"Elaine…" April muttered softly as she looked at the heading. "What got into you?!"

Oh, god, here we go again. "For the last time, April, HE was pestering me. More than a reporter should be…"

"But that doesn't give you the right to hit him!" April groaned and slapped her forehead and pointed menacingly towards the image of me throwing my fist and making contact with his face. "Listen to me, any more stains in your reputation. Your image is going to go down! Your ratings!"

"I…" I paused and bit my lip. "I'm sorry? And what do you mean 'anymore stains'??"

"How about the time you refused to give this little boy an ice cream cone just because he was laughing?"

"I didn't give it to him because he made a little girl cry! He broke her doll!" I retorted and squinted at her. "Know the whole story before you judge."

"Okay, fine, how about that other man? You knocked him in the balls when he asked for your autograph!" she added hastily.

"He followed me and almost followed me into the Lady's room. It was an act of self defense…"

"If you're going to come up with scandals, why couldn't it have been something good?" she sniffled and sat there. "I mean you've just started to become famous! Now you're going to make yourself look like a she-devil?!"

Grudgingly, I ignored her.

A loud chiming music broke the silence. "The president isn't very happy with you." April hissed and jammed the earpiece into her ear. "Hello?"

I twirled my hair between my fingers and though glumly. "Why can't people just forget about this whole thing..? It's not like I can reverse this…"

April sighed, "I know, that's the problem. We can't reverse this. But we can divert it."

"Divert?" My eyebrow perked. Add another scandal to this? Well, it's not like I really hurt him anyways…

"Since the reporter's nose was broken, it can't really be dropped just like that. He's kind of pulling a lawsuit as well. But you can…well, you might be angry…" April trailed off, her dark brown eyes lit up perkily.

Alec sneezed and glanced at the morning newspaper. He stared at the girl who's fist was a blur.

"Ha! This is priceless!" Christopher guffawed at the couch. "This is what's wrong with new idols. Always try'na keep up a good "innocent" image and something like THIS happens."

Alec ran a hand through his hair. He needs a haircut. Casually, he tossed the newspaper aside and took his spot at the counter helping himself to a cup of milk.

"What was her name again?…El-something," Christopher continued thoughtfully and then took a slug of his coca cola can.

"Where's Isaac?" Alec muttered. His voice low and husky from the previous sleep. "We need to get to the shoot before we're late." He finished the milk and propped his head on his palm. "You two are never ready."

"Oh, c'mon, lighten up," Christopher shrugged and quickly folded the newspaper while rolling off the couch. He scratched his brown hair that covered his eyes. "See? I'm moving."

"Get Isaac while you're at it," Alec snatched the newspaper from Christopher's hand and threw it with the other copy. "No distractions."

The brown haired boy clicked his teeth and disappeared up the stairs.

"Dumb ass," Alec snorted.

"What…are you saying?" I hissed through my teeth, anger broiling my insides. "You can't be serious. You want me to get together with another actor?"

"He's a nice kid….and he has a nice untarnished kind of reputation. He's been acting for quite some time now. Quick, clever…" April rambled as she described that boy. It was like she was showing me some kind of brochure. What is this?

"Then why don't you go out with him?" I cut her off, defiantly. There was no way in hell I was going to get together with I didn't even know.

"Your mother said that it's the best solution," April assured me. "Please just do this…"

"My mother is stupid! Why is she suddenly caring? I never mattered much when I was younger! Why is it now that I'm 'famous' that she tries to look like a good mother?" I argued heatedly.

"Elaine…" April began, signs of defeat were beginning to register on her face. I bet she was thinking 'Stupid teenagers.'

"No! I don't want to hear it," I snapped and turned my head the other way to emphasize that I really didn't want to hear it. "I really don't…" She should know I get a bit touchy when it comes to my mom.

"There isn't much of a choice, Elaine," April sighed and folded her fingers on her lap. "You have to consider everything and not just your own personal feelings."

I got onto my feet, rapidly. "Not my personal feelings?" Ever since I was a kid, I have been neglected. My mother only cared about my business of being an actress and only that, she never let me play with my friends, she never let me do anything I wanted to do. "You…." I took a deep breath, trying to calm my trembling voice. "I'm going."

"Wait!" I slammed the door behind me and exhaled. My hand dug through my pockets and pulled out my cell phone. Quickly dialing the numbers, I pressed it to my ear.

"Hey, Elaine!"

"Jeremy!" I cried with relief. My best friend, well, second best friend. "Can you whip out some chocolate ice cream and meet me within thirty minutes?"

"Oh, sure, meeting up at the usual?" Jeremy asked and I heard him take the phone away from his ear. "Angie! It's Elaine! We need some Double-C."

"Ah, thank you guys, so much," I crooned into the phone. I felt tears welling in my eyes; they were just too awesome for words.

Alec walked down the hall of the agency, his hands tucked inside the pockets of his loose jeans.

"Alec, my boy!" President Newman said with sparkly eyes. That chubby man had always reminded him of the Kentucky Fried chicken man.

"President," Alec tilted his head in greeting.

"Aren't you excited for your photo shoot?" President cooed, his eyes becoming beady and excited. "It took a lot of string pulling!"

"What?" Alec muttered. "Photo shoot? With who?"

"Elaine Cotter!" He made it sound like the whole world was going to rain chocolate any second.-

"I can't believe my manager is so inconsiderate!" I shrieked and shoved a spoonful of ice cream into my mouth.

"Well, there have been a lot of news about you lately," Angie said thoughtfully, her blue eyes widening as she added, "They haven't been good either."

"Thanks, Angela," I glowered at her and slammed my spoon onto the table. "Don't you think it's a stupid idea, Jeremy?"

Jeremy stared at me, but he remained silent for a long while. "Not a bad one."

"Yeah! You're kind of popular right now," Angie continued and licked some ice cream from her fingertips. She had them done again. "And if you got together with another actor, that'd be HUGE!"

"Huge?" Disbelief filled my tone. "How is it going to be huge? Might as well be another stigma!"

Angie shrugged. "Well, whatever. Nothing we can do."

"Thanks," I snorted sarcastically and glanced at the clock. "I have to go now. I have a photo shoot."

"Oh, how super-starry," Jeremy awed and then he took a bite of the ice cream. "Good luck!"

My ass, I curled my lips bitterly as I walked out of the door. I wish I was a normal teenager who could just eat pints and pints of ice cream and not worry about my image. Or how I don't have to spend an hour at the gym running on the treadmill at a high speed. My fingers were wrapped tightly around the doorknob and I jerked it away. I was forced to leave that life.

Fame isn't really everything.

"Elaine! Welcome!" someone greeted almost immediately as soon as I stepped in through the door. "You're kind of late."

"Sorry, Linda, I had something very important to do," I muttered and tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. "But I'm here now." They call me a diva.

"It's understandable! Come, we must do your make up. Your co-star is already here," Linda listed and then set me down into the seat. "This will take very brief because it's a shoot about being natural."

They threw me into a bright and simple sundress that dangled just above my knees. My chestnut hair fell around me with it's ends curled and a yellow daisy was tucked behind my ear.

"Alright! We are finished," Linda cooed and finished running a crème into my curled hair. "Now knock them dead."

"Ha," I laughed at the irony.

"Finally! You're here! I thought you weren't going to show up!" April gasped and then grabbed my arm. "Come on, get on the thing!" She shoved me in front of the camera.

"Hello," I smiled timidly and glared at April. "Please take care of me." The camera guy looked up at me, bored. He had a tiny pony tail behind his head and one of his ear lobe was pierced with a silver ring.

A footstep walked up and stopped behind me. "I'm ready." It was an awfully familiar voice. Where could I have heard it?

"Me too," I echoed and didn't turn around. That voice made my skin crawl. Don't tell me….

"Alec! You forgot the necklace."

My left eye twitched. Alec….so familiar ye---. Alec.

"YOU!" I roared and whirled around, angrily facing him. He looked pleasantly surprised. In the bright light, his hair was a shocking lightning blonde, it contracted against his icy, icy blue eyes. He looked like he was made of snow and noticeably handsome.

"Theme? Sunshine against snow! Spring and winter!" the cameraman crooned at us. I didn't feel too happy.

"Oh, nice energy, Elaine! More!" he was clicking away furiously.

A smile bloomed on my lips. I have to outshine him. I'm Spring.

"Great! Smirk, Alec!"

After almost an hour of what seemed to be torture, they finally said, "Thank you for your hard work!" I wiped the perspiration that formed along my hairline.

"Thanks for having me!" With that I walked back towards the table that was loaded with bottled water. What a long day. I twisted the bottle cap and took a big gulp of the water.

"It's fire hazard!" A voice said nonchalantly from behind. I choked on my water and sputtered.

"What the hell? Why do you keep popping up unwanted?" I grumbled and wiped my lip with the back of my hand. "Like a pimple."

"Hmm, I'd say you were following me," Alec chimed and took a bottle of water from the table and cracked the cap. He took a gulp.

"Oh! You guys already met?" April popped out of nowhere, sounding super delighted. Uh oh.

"You can't exactly say we met," I muttered under my breath. I put the bottle down on the table and turned around to face her. "We're not even friends."

She grinned wider. "Well, here's my surprise!" To add to the anticipation, she cleared her throat loudly. "This is him!"

"Him what?" Why must people always speak like that?

"You know, that person!" April smiled widely at me and yanked Alec forward. "Your scapegoat!"

"What?" Alec said at the exactly same time I said.

"Alec, this is the girl you were supposed to meet. You guys are now a couple!" April exclaimed gleefully and clapped her manicured hands together. At the same time, people in the cast dropped what they were doing and applauded.

"HIM?!" I shrieked shrilly.

"Her?" Even he sounded choked up.

Oh, wow, things just keep getting better and better…

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