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Chapter nine

Life is full of Dramas.

I yawned and stretched. Where was I? I frowned. Why is it that I always seem to wake up in places other than my bed? I haven't been getting a good nights sleep in a long while.

Obviously, I was in someone else's room, because instead of my sheets being pink and lacey, it was blue.

It suddenly occurred to me that I still haven't thanked Alec yet. I glanced around and stared around at the empty room. If my guess was correct, I was in Alec's room and he wasn't here. Why didn't he wake me?

I flopped to my side and pushed myself upward. I'm always so stiff. Ugh. I breathed out and then inhaled again. To my dismay, I found myself enjoying the sweet scent that came from the pillow.

It smelled rugged and handsome. Wow, Elaine, you've got some major problems.

"Elaine, hello!" The director greeted me cheerfully. I nodded to the perky woman and returned her smile.

"Good afternoon, Olive," April greeted. I could see April give me a once over, she winced at how exhausted I look.

"So, we are all here to discuss something very important!" When she meant 'all' she really meant 'all'. In this little lobby sat about four of the top idols in the current industry: Alec, Chris, Isaac, Giselle, and me.

Unlike me, everybody else seemed to be at ease and were looking around distractedly.

"We are going to begin a drama!" Olive clapped her hands together, her (ironically) olive colored eyes widening with pleasure. What a cheery woman.

"A drama?" I echoed, disapprovingly and then threw a glare at April. "April..?"

"Well, since you guys have just begun the industry…and you guys are so darn popular," she explained, reassuringly, "We've decided to make you guys like the group at the moment."

"The group?" Giselle's perfect eyebrows shot up, with anger and quiet rage. "Them?"

"Now, now," Olive warned, reproaching.

"You mean like those Barbie© sets?" I muttered incredulously. "You're seriously kidding. What next? You're gonna actually make us into some sort of group and sell things with our brand?!"

April actually looked guilty. Aw, hell no.

"But, but!" Olive continued, she literally bouncing on her seat now. "Our main leads aren't what you'd expect!"

I sighed, why oh why me.

"The main will be pairing Giselle and Alec!" Olive proclaimed, her eyes sparkling.

I didn't know if I should have been annoyed or happy. Less work for me; no my reason should be that I didn't have to be stuck with Alec. I bit my lips as I realized that it was the fact that I'd have less work that made me happier than me not being stuck with Alec.

Basically. Me plus no work equals gladder than not being added with Alec.

Was I getting used to him?

"Really?" Giselle and all her ice queen glory actually looked up. She was a bitch. No lie. That dumpster incident was all her, but I still need to make her admit it. I glowered at her.

"Aw, Elaine, don't be so saddened," Olive said remorsefully. Ah, she misinterpreted my glare. "I promise you that in the near future, there will be something pairing you and Alec."

I'll pass…I nodded mentally to myself. For now, finished a little voice in my head.

"So, no questions? Objections?" It wasn't like we were even allowed to object anyhow. I glanced over at Chris who was distracted. He didn't seem to mind this. I glanced back at the quiet Alec and the glowing Giselle.

They looked like an awfully good pair. Alec and his handsome features that was strangely balance while there was Giselle and her elegant features. True Hollywood kind of couple.

Alec and I were up first. We had to do that terrible break up scene of the has-been girl and the new uprising main lead who's irresistible and committed to the newer, more innocent girl from the city.

"Oh, no! Ethan, how can you do this to me?" I said, monotonously. I had no interest in this kind of thing. I only act when I actually care. "You? Leaving me? No!"

Alec sighed, well I think that was Alec sighing.

"Elaine," the director interrupted us, she was frowning deeply. I glared at her and sighed. This was horrid. In the corner of my eye, I saw Giselle glaring at me intently. We don't film those stupid love scenes until tomorrow, apparently I played the bitch.

Alec was playing a deprived guitarist who was out to become big while the beautiful Giselle suddenly comes and she just so happens to be rich. I wonder if this guitarist was so conniving that he'd try to get together with the innocent rich girl just to get to the top.

I pondered for a moment and then opened my mouth. I have to make this realistic or I'm not going to get my break. I held my breath and clenched my eyes shut. Tears began to spring my eyes.

"E-Ethan," my voice trembled. Oh, that was a nice effect. "How can you do this to me?" Apparently, in this situation, Alec, aka Ethan had told me that he loved Giselle more than me.

We have been 'childhood' friends and he had promised to love me forever, but this was his chance to leave this small village-like town and…..

"This kind of thing just happens," Alec murmured, his eyes burning into mines. He even looked eternally apologetic. Oh, god, he's good.

"But you promised," I threw myself forward a step, returning his intense stare. "You promised…" My voice was wavering nicely.

"I know I did," Alec whispered, he was very close to me now, his eyes cast downwards to meet mines. "But this is something that can't be helped."

"What about those promises you made to me?" I shrieked at him. I suddenly felt so aggravated. This sudden anger was amazing to me. Maybe I'm naturally gifted with acting. "Do you think you can just get up and leave me?"

"Stop!" Alec grabbed my wrist and stopped me from raising it to punch. "After what you did to Eliza, I can't forgive you." Eliza was being played by Giselle. Pfft, what I did to her?

"She deserved it." Blah, blah.

"Why can't you listen to me? It's your own fault," Alec murmured, his eyes turning to ice right at that moment. "You broke your promise first. You left me. I waited for you for so long, but you never came back. You broke your promise about coming back."

I took in a sharp breath of air. I'll give him credit, he was pretty damn good at acting. I've heard that becoming an actor, you had to have a lot of emotions bottled up inside so that you can let it come out, kind of like a genie. Alec was working his magic.

There was an intense silence that hung in the air after those words. Even I didn't know what to say and I had a script!

"Cut!" Director Olive called and the burning overhead lights flashed off. "Great job, guys! After about twenty takes, you guys finally got it."

That was twenty takes? Amazing, but I think it was just Olive being a picky-picky. I wonder if its just me that felt the tension.

"Oh, my!" Giselle gushed out of nowhere. "Elaine, you were so good! And Alec, oh my!"

Renewed hatred filled my head with a shrill buzzing. "My, oh, my. Giselle, I wonder about your acting skills."

"Oh, that's harsh," she gasped, daintily and then pulled a sad smile. "What have I ever done to you?"

I wonder if she'd like being stuffed into a trashcan. "Oh, nothing."

"Cheers on being in another drama!" cried Jeremy. Did I tell you that I could beat his ass quite easily?

"Shut up," I rumbled and stared at the script. Alec suddenly made me feel like I should concentrate on this. I barely had my lines down. I grumbled to myself as I focused on the lines of my character.

"Aw, look at her, she's studying so darn hard," Angie gushed and I resisted an urge to glare at her. I had to concentrate. "Do you want some coffee?"

I nodded without looking up. "Thanks." Next thing you know, I have a whole pot of coffee next to me.

"Good luck, my dear!" They wished and then left me alone in Angie's shop. I tended to stay overnight a lot, so I could do it again.

I don't know when I dozed off, but I hate myself for that.

It was hot, too abnormally hot, but it quickly ebbed away.

"Elaine," a boy was crouched over me, his face focused intently on mines. "Are you alright?"

I squinted against the harsh, sunlight and winced. "I-I'm fine." I stared at the boy whose name I never known.

The blonde boy fell back onto his rump and sighed. "Jeez, be more careful!" He added, "That was a hard fall." I followed his gaze that lead up to the play structure I had fallen off of.

"Boy whose-name-I-don't-know, want to tell me your name now?" It was strange. My mouth seemed to know who he was, but I, myself didn't. I didn't get why I asked want instead of will.

"That'll make it unfun!" The boy protested, his nice blue eyes narrowing. "You made me not tell you in the first place."

Did I? "Oh, right," I agreed, knowingly and felt a smirk cover my face. "Don't worry. As soon as the promise wears off, I'll make sure I know your name."

"You keep your promise that you won't forget me?" the boy arched his eyebrows.

"I pinky swore, didn't I?"

I was lethargic, the coffee did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. I blinked hard as I pulled my shoes on. So tired, but I think I am ready for tomorrow's shooting. I didn't understand why I had to go to the filming that didn't even involve me.

Sluggishly, I pulled on a coat and walked out of the door. Before I even knew it, I had somehow sleepwalked over to the building. My peaceful walk was over. I pushed the glass door open and stumbled into the lobby.

"Elaine! Why are you so late?" April came rushing over to me, angrily, but she saw me and paused. "My goodness, what happened to you?"

"What do you mean?" I muttered, didn't feel like raising my voice. Everything was blurring as I squinted at her. "I'm only a bit tired." Half lie, half true.

"A bit is an understatement," April retorted and then grabbed my hand to lead me to the studio. "Well, it'll be over in about five hours."

I groaned inwardly. I focused stupidly on trying to walk properly. "Slow down, April." The coffee made my arms and legs feel like lead, or maybe it was the lacking of sleep.

She ushered me into the studio where she set me down into the seat. Apparently, she knew I was the magnet for disaster.

I watched as they made those little extra scenes where people are walking around and staring at the beautiful couple.

"Eliza," Alec whispered in a hushed tone as Ethan. "Please don't go." I glared at him, such a two timer. I slapped myself, just the sleep talking.

"I made a promise to someone," Giselle cried as Eliza. What is with this drama and promises? Must be some kind of motif.

"But I love you!" Alec proclaimed in his acting glory. Despite it being acting, a thought flashed through my head.

But you're dating me. Whoa, whoa, back up, back up. That doesn't matter. I fought against the lethargy and squinted at the scene. Must. Watch. Them. Perform.

"Oh, Ethan," Giselle swooned and fell into his arms. He embraced her, in my head, loud violin music was playing to this scene. It almost made me laugh.

Is it just me or was it getting stuffy in here? I fidgeted in my seat as I tried to take in a deep breath. Yawning should relive stress. It felt like everything was stiff, even my lungs. My head lowered forward and I struggled to lift it.

No, no sleeping now. Later, after they finish, you will get to go home and sleep.

"Alec," my ears perked and I made eye contact with Giselle. Did she just say Alec? I glanced over at the director, but she didn't seem to have heard that blunder. It must've been whispered.

Without words, she tiptoed and zoomed in for the kill. Their lips made contact. My jaw would have dropped if it wasn't glued shut from me being tired. Their kiss was, well, pretty damn epic, something like….

My vision blurred as I swayed. Were those tears? I clenched the armrest and fought back to sit up straight.

"Cut!" the director called and then there was an awkward silence. Giselle seemed to have been stuck on Alec. We, well me kind of, watched them continue this serene kiss.

Deep breath one…deep breath two. Black spots were starting to develop in my vision as I finally felt my head slump to the side. The seats were those very flimsy canopy ones that would apparently tip over if you lean over too far.

I heard a loud crash, but to my surprise I didn't feel any pain. I'm getting used to this crap.

"Oh, shit! Elaine," someone screamed. I think that was April. "Elaine! Are you okay?"

Oh, my god. Do I LOOK okay? I felt my inner self scowl at the stupidity of April. I tried to lift my fingers to signal an 'okay', but it was too much effort. Aw, forget it, I'll tell them after I've…rested.

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