In shadow I walk the isles alone,
vague shapes and sounds passing me.
I stop only to witness the one,
the one in which I dream, I ache for.
look at me

Eternal moments materialize at random,
at times our glances embrace, brief and blissful.
Our passings filled with whispered discourse,
stiring the echos of silence tolling within me.
talk to me

Those lips that create such melodic words,
delivering such sounds I yearn to hear.
A face so expressive, in everyway resplendant,
yet none more so than when I see it.
smile at me

Time may come when I am not there,
tangled in tasks and absent from view.
An encounter impossible, separated unwillingly,
I weap within, will my void be noticed?
ask for me

I lay quietly under a blanket of darkness,
vulnerable and exposed to the strenth of your soul.
slumber and dreams dance lightly around me,
however nightmares prevail, my eyes they will not close
hold me

Hurting and cold I tremble with such thoughts,
questioning why with your body so close.
Can I give up now, do I have what it takes,
to give in and trust you, letting my demons go?
rescue me