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Chapter 1: Living among the mortals

Birds are soaring through the morning sky as they chirp happily, signaling the beginning of a new day. The sun rose inch by inch as they bask a small town with their majestic rays. Children were running around the field as they laughed in great happiness, while the adults were busy minding their own business. The delicious smell coming from a bakery around the main street, perk interest from passerby as they passed the small shop. Some who cannot resist the temptation started to stop, to breathe in the sweet intoxicating smell, before barging in the shop to buy some new homemade bread.

Behind the counter, a petite girl around the age of nineteen greeted her customer with a bright smile on her pinkish colored lips. "Welcome!" she said in great politeness as she made her way to attend to her customer's need. The girl was 5'4 feet tall, with a slender frame that almost made her look fragile and innocent. Her long dark golden hair was tied with a red ribbon neatly, which made it impossible to tell that her hair was curly when let loose. A few locks of her hair fell smoothly on her forehead, making her oval shaped face hidden underneath. She had a pair shade of light green eyes that twinkle in great curiosity.

Her body was warped in a white apron, revealing a light coral dress underneath. Her dress was made out of silk with matching red ribbons decorating her sleeve, waist and neck area. Pecks of flour was evident on her cheeks, covering the smooth soft cheeks that would blush in enthusiasm when new customers walked into the shop.

"Three cheese croissants with berries, please" said an elderly man as he return her smile with his own. Nodding her head in reply, the girl quickly packed three croissants into a paper bag while warping them with a tissue. She handed the paper bag to the man, as he placed three bronze coins on the counter. Smiling her trademark smile, the girl bowed in appreciation and said the words that she had been reciting for almost four years now. She could even recite it in her sleep!

"Come again" she state as the man walks out of the shop. With a "Cling", the door shut close, leaving the girl to finish decorating a fruit cake she was onto before the man had stepped in. Deep in her thought, the girl could only ponder whether it was a good idea to put in some strawberries to give the cake the finishing touch. Undecided, the girl left it like that to wait for her friend to arrive so that she could asks for opinions.

Glancing at the clock that was hung above the shop's front door, the girl let out a heavy sigh when she noticed it was already half past eight in the morning. Where could she be? The girl thought to herself before the shop's back door slam open, revealing a girl with short light beige hair, panting like a dog. It was obvious that the light haired girl had came running to the shop when she noticed the time.

"I'm sorry I'm late again, Emery" said the girl between pants. Emery could only snort through her nose when she heard her name being mentioned.

"Save it for tomorrow, Frida. You might need it more" Emery reply with a grin. Handing a glass filled with water to Firda, Emery could only whistle when Frida chug all of it down in one breath. "You must have been running like crazy, huh?" Emery eyed her friend closely.

Frida could only nod in respond as she set the glass on the table with a thud. "You wouldn't believe what happen, even if I told you" Frida said with teary eyes. She was shaking in fear as if she had just been through hell a few minutes ago. Frida's blue dress was ruined, with splatters of mud covered the end of her dress. Her usually neat beige colored hair clung messily around her forehead. Her face was a shade of dark red as sweat trailed down her back. She looked as if she had just run for her life.

"What happen? Did Deneen finally proposed to you?" Emery said jokingly. Frida instantly throw a death glare at Emery, clearly showing she wasn't in a mood to be messed around with. Gulping slightly, Emery felt guilt creeping up inside of her as they sat on the chair prepared for the customer. Even Emery would feel uneasy if Frida made fun of her with Deneen Gail. Don't get her wrong. Emery wasn't a girl who would judge people by their looks; but Deneen is a special case.

He had been famous throughout the whole town to be a nutcase. Deneen wasn't usually like that though, he was quite normal when he was a boy. Innocent and adorable, even. But on his twentieth birthday, something dreadful happen to him. Rumors have it that he was struck by lightning. Almost all of the town folks believed in that rumor, even Emery had believed so. What could have possibly made Deneen loose his mind aside from lightning anyway?

But when Emery had accidentally heard a different version of the story, she had felt scared and unsecure. A few years back, when Emery was heading towards her house one night, alone and cold, she saw a group of old town folks discussing in a back alley near the main street. They were quite discreet and hidden, which made Emery wondered what were they so into about. So, being the cheeky weasel she was, Emery snuck and hid behind a wall to hear their conversation.

"Could the bloodsuckers have done this?" whispered a man through clenching teeth. He was a big bulgy man who had a pair of piercing eyes that was apparently glowed in anger at the moment.

The other guy, who was standing beside him, shook his head to deny the man's earlier statement. "No, this case was too obvious. Besides, the bloodsucker won't have to mess with Deneen's mind just to silence him. They have the ability to wiped memories after all" said the thin man while frowning.

"What about the hunters? Ever since humans had made peace with the bloodsuckers, strange things have been happening. Do you think that the hunters might be apart of it? After all the bloodsucker and the hunter had been on each other's neck over a century now" said a woman who had been silent the whole time.

"It does make sense when you put it that way. The bloodsucker won't get any profit by doing that to Deneen anyway. They could have just mesmerized him to give them some blood. And I believed that the clean blood would monitor their subjects, don't you? After all, that's the point of making a pack with us humans" replied the thin man with a small nod.

"We should be alert with the hunters. Only god knows what they're planning. I don't understand why they can't seem to reach a peaceful end with the bloodsucker. Most of them are quite polite when they feed" the woman said in concern.

"I don't care about them though. As long as we could live a peaceful lives with our children, nothing matters to me" with that said, the bulgy man strolled away to end his conversation. The rest of his mate followed suit just a few moments after that, leaving wide eyed Emery staring at the place they had been standing a few seconds ago. Emery had run the whole time towards her house that night. She had never told what she had heard to anyone, not even to her best friend Frida.

Emery's mind snap back to the present time when Frida begin to speak. "I was chased by Rurura the whole way to the shop! I thought I had something that she wanted. Turns out that little prick smelt the hotdog I was bringing for you" Frida gritted her teeth in great frustration. Emery blinks dumbly before the information sinks into her brain. Rurura was a cute little puppy that Frida's neighbor, Mrs. Lars, had been keeping for her grandchild. Since Frida is allergic to anything that is related to fur, the little cute adorable thing had frightened her beyond her mind.

The image of little Rurura barking cutely while chasing after the screaming Frida flashes into Emery's mind. From that impact, Emery couldn't suppress her laughter anymore. She laughs her throat out, almost toppling over her chair. Frida groans in annoyance as her faces shows the regret of telling the story to Emery.

"Where's my hotdog then?" Emery said wiping tears from her eyes when she noticed that Frida wasn't holding anything when she entered the shop.

"What else could I do? The little prick was so insistent, I had to throw the hotdog far away just to divert her from making me the main target" Frida said with a cringe. It looks like she was a little upset that she wasn't able to give the hotdog to Emery. "And I was hoping to give you a taste of the hotdog too!" she added with a pout.

Chuckling at her friend's behavior, Emery patted Frida's shoulder gently. "Next time, just tell me when you want to give me something. I could always go to your house. That way you won't have to run around the town being chased by a vicious little puppy" Emery said with a big grin. She was clearly amused at Frida's bad luck. Before Frida could retort, a sound of "Cling" was heard; signaling that a customer had just stepped in.

Being a professional worker as Emery was, she stand up and turns around with a smile pasted on her lips. Ready to attend to their customer's need. For Emery, customer means money. She would do anything to please her customer so that they would feel satisfied to come again. Emery could hear Frida mutter something under her breath before heading towards the restroom to clean her mud covered clothes. They always left a change of clothes in the changing room, just in case something unexpected happen. And today, something unexpected did happen to Frida. Getting chased by a cute puppy wasn't an everyday occurrence now, was it?

"Where's Lenhart? I haven't seen him around" Frida suddenly asks out of the blue when she was busy arranging the newly cooked bread on the shelves.

With a sigh, Emery shook her head in reply. "I have no idea. Out with his friends, maybe?" Emery said without raising her head from the recipe book she was reading. She had been trying to perfect her skill in baking a chocolate fudge cake. The end result wasn't as moist as it was supposed to be whenever she tried to bake it.

"Since when does he have friends?" Frida state to no one in particular, but Emery still had the urge to stand up for her little brother "He does have friends Frida. Well, a few. I've met them once too" Emery said, finally raising her head from the recipe book, to look at her friend.

Lenhart is not an average boy, well maybe not as amazing as the bloodsucker, but still he had a charming aura. He had a cold attitude towards anything that doesn't interest him; this includes girls that always seem to throw themselves at him. His only passion in this world is horse riding. He is a boy of few words, even towards his own sister, Emery. But Emery could feel the warmth he had for Frida, whenever they exchange words. Though Frida doesn't seem to notice this, since she's as clueless as a kid, but Emery could sense it. Deep inside Emery's heart, she was happy to know that Lenhart does hold an interest towards girls; since she was starting to doubt if her brother was gay or some sort.

"Maybe he's out with his…" Frida trailed off while showing her pinkie finger. Looking at Frida as if she had lost her mind, Emery laughs it off.

"I doubt it" Emery chuckles and close the recipe book. With a confused look, Frida frowns at Emery's word.

"How come you're so sure?" Frida asks innocently. It was too obvious that she had been oblivious about the signals Lenhart had been showing whenever she's near him. Having the urge to actually slapped her forehead; Emery rolled her eyes at the cluelessness of her friend.

He likes you, idiot! Emery thought to herself. If she could, she would have told her the truth. But seeing how Lenhart hadn't made a single move yet, Emery didn't want to ruin what Lenhart had in store for Frida. She sure hopes Lenhart had something big, or she'll flip for keeping it a secret this long.

Shrugging her shoulder, Emery said "I just know, okay?" while walking towards the aisle where the cake was put on display. Frida let the conversation go as she continues to arrange the bread, while Emery ticks a to-do-list in her hand. Emery wanted to make sure that all of the cake she had made was perfectly placed. Before they could strike another conversation, another sound of "Cling" was heard as an odd couple steps in.

An elderly lady that appears to be in her 60's was standing beside a very handsome young man. Even though they looked like a mother and her son in one glance, but Emery knew better. The way they were holding hands and the look in their eyes, there was no doubt that they were indeed a couple. It wasn't uncommon anymore to see a couple like that. But it was rare to see a bloodsucker walking around when the sun is still up. The man was certainly a bloodsucker; or a vampire as they called it; while the lady was a normal human.

They must have been in love when she was still younger. Seeing them like this, Emery couldn't help but to smile a true smile at them. This is what they called an everlasting love. The vampire was devoted to her even though she wasn't as beautiful as she was when she still had her youth. But then again, it made Emery feel a little sad. A human and a vampire couldn't produce a child. Seeing how lonely it can be for an elderly lady without children, Emery always feels like it wasn't fair.

"Welcome. How can I help you?" Emery shook off her feelings as she attends to them. The exchange went smoothly and the couple was gone as quickly as they came. Frida let out a sigh of admiration as her gaze follows the couple out of the shop.

"Now, that's what I call LOVE!" Frida finally said with dreamy eyes, while fanning herself with her right hand.

"No, that's what you'd call an everlasting love" Emery corrected Frida. They smile ear to ear as they continue their work again.

Their last costumer of the day was a little girl with a ponytail. She had asked for strawberry shortcake that cost about one silver coin. But the little girl could only manage to count until to two bronze, so she paid Frida with only two bronze for the cake. Frida chuckles loudly at the innocent little girl while patted the girl's head gently. She has always been a sucker for cute little children; since she couldn't come to love cute little furry things; she diverted her love to children. She was still smiling to herself when Emery locks the shop's door.

"I'll cut it from your paycheck then" Emery said jokingly as Frida's smile dissolve into a gawk when she heard it. It has been a long day for them and with the absence of Lenhart, they had to work double force. Emery begins to worry about Lenhart. He had never been this late before.

Where did he go? She asks herself while they close down the shop. The sky was dark as canopy of stars decorate the night sky. The night sky always had the ability to made Emery gaze at it in amazement even though she had been greeted with the same view every night, ever since four years ago.

Emery and Frida walk side by side as they stroll along the street, admiring the night sky. The wind blow gently towards them, making strands of their hair flow along with it. Now that dusk has ended, there were many vampires on the street. They were either with their loved ones, or are alone trying to find a willing human to satisfy their hunger. It has been common for the town people to offer some blood when the vampire needed it, but Emery and Frida had never offered theirs. Frida was afraid she could transfer her allergic disease if they suck her blood, while Emery on the other hand did not have the guts to do so.

Lafontaine is a small town located just above the city of Luinstra, where the clean blood and the human royal family lived in. Clean blood is a group of royal vampires for the vampire race. It was said that the clean blood had never mated or married a human before, which is why they are stronger than normal vampire. Ever since King Chanelle Laswell declared peace with the vampire race, Lafontaine had been famous for having people who is willing enough to feed the vampires.

Majority of the town folks in Lafontaine had either been a lover, a mistress or even a walking blood bag for the vampire society. Some, who are like Emery and Frida, would just decline to offer their blood when vampire approaches them. The vampire would not harm any of those who had decline; instead they would retreat back politely. That is why the town of Lafontaine could keep its peace. The human and the vampire stay united and are willing to work together to build a happy life.

"I wish it can go on like this forever" Frida said in contentment as she gazes at the night sky. She closes her eyes, loving the feeling of her face bathe in the gentle wind.

"Well, I hope we could. Though it's kind of a childish dream" Emery reply while closing her own eyes to feel the wind gently caressing her soft cheeks.

Hearing Emery's reply, Frida snap her head to look at Emery in confusion. "What do you mean by that?" she asks with a frown forming on her forehead.

"You can't possibly wish to stay single for the rest of your life, do you?" Emery said while grinning skeptically. Knowing Frida, she would immediately say yes to anyone who proposed to her, well except for Deneen of course, in a blink of an eye. That is why Emery is agitated in waiting for Lenhart to crack that question to Frida. When is he going to ask?

Chuckling in reply, Frida finally understood what Emery was trying to say. "Well of course I don't want to stay single forever! Who would? It'll be a lonely life. I don't care if I fall in love with a human or even a vampire, as long as our love could stay like the couple from before" her eyes were glinting brightly as she said those words. She had clearly been touched at the scene between the couple at the shop that afternoon. It can't be help though, even Emery feels the same. Finding an everlasting love like that is like finding the rarest pearl in the world. It's very hard to find, but not an impossible task to complete.

Sighing to herself, Emery wishes with her whole heart to find a love like that. How she would trade even her life to have that simple wish to come true. She let her thought wonders as they stroll together in complete silence. Both in their own thoughts as they wish upon the star on that night… only that this time, their wish would come true. Unbeknown to the two girls, fate had in stored something great in their future. Waiting for the perfect time to reveal itself.