Seven Sins Haikus.

:) ;) :D :O ;( ... :/

Pride :)

It's her vanity,
And shifts a man's ego.
Two things you can't change.

Lust ;)

It embodies what
You can't have; and still, you feel
A stirring emotion.

Greed :D

To have nothing your
Whole life is fate; you spot an

Gluttony :O

One piece, not enough;
You consume too much and the
World now starts to ache.

Envy ;(

A spark of hate
That ignites a hot flame under
Her bizarre jealousy.


No reason to live,
Reason to care anymore, so
They are consumed; dead.

Wrath! :/

Losing touch with the
Shreds of paper-thin of you;
Lost humanity.


Author's Note:

(Edited on: 8/22/10. I completely redid Wrath, since I didn't like how it was a simple definition, while the others were descriptions and moments. :) I also fixed the extra syllables in some of the stanzas. :D)

Yay! Some more Haikus. I'm really beginning to love these things. :) Review please; it makes my day!


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