Chapter 6

"Where am I? What's going on?" asked Princess Gwindel. Dhilgazhor was quick to answer.

"You are in Dwimble Town cathedral. You are the princess of Archazia. You were possessed by a demon, but he's left your body now! Everything should be fine now!" said Dhilgazhor. Gwindle embraced Dhilgazhor.

"I love you Gwindle, I'll never let anything bad happen to you again. Sadly, I can't be your guardian any more, because I had to move on to seek the next keeper of the stone. But I still love you, and will

watch over you nonetheless!" said Dhilgazhor, as he gently nuzzled Gwindle. But suddenly, Alex and Zalbek noticed the demon, although removed from the princess, was still alive, and visible, and was floating

around the cathedral. He looked like a cross between a genie, an alligator, and a frog with large black mosquito eyes, and bad face acne.

"Attention, third dimensional mortals. My name is Mezbog, of the Grezlarian Imperial Command. You all have a choice. A choice to become one with me in the higher realms!" shouted the demon.

"LIES! You are simply a demon that is infiltrating the higher realms! You are soooo evil! ROAAAAAAAARRR!" said Dhilgazhor angrily.

"Me? Evil? No, I am not evil. Ahh, you lowly third dimensional mortals think you are so intelligent, don't you? You are all quite cute, and amusing. A demon is simply a concept. Lies are simply concepts. Right and wrong, ha! One in the same!" said the demon.

"Using that logic, you could do anything, and not even be aware of it!" argued Dhilgazhor.

"Ha! Are you suggesting that I am blind in what I do? Not in the least bit. I know full well what I do. I have simply attained a state of mind where I realize that nothing truly exists but a void of unfulfilled events

and processes! And I intend to fill that void, by helping everyone reach my state of mind, so we can all get beyond this silly little world!" said the demon.

"If your goal was to help the people of Archazia advance to a higher state of mind, why did your forces want to confiscate my magical stone? And if you're not evil, then why did Gwindle try to kill Dhilgazhor

when you had control over her?" asked Zalbek.

"A good question, especially from someone as young and ignorant as you! Ha! But of course, do not take those words personally, because young and ignorant are simply concepts, and they mean virtually

nothing! I can explain why Gwindle wanted to kill Dhilgazhor, I can explain it all in your terms, so you lower ones understand it better. Dhilgazhor does not really love Gwindle, nor does he love any of the ones

he protects. If he truly did, why does he always move on to seek a new keeper of the stone? Because Dhilgazhor is in fact, a demon who inhabits rocks! And stones themselves, are putrid little things, that harness

power that is too complex for you humans in your current state of evolution! And it wasn't me that caused Gwindle to react that way and try to kill Dhilgazhor. Why, Gwindle was simply overcome

with emotions, which caused her to react out of raw anger. Why, in your terms, Gwindle, simply put, has a horrible temper problem. No wait, Gwindle is a horrible person!" said the demon.

"I thought horrible was just a concept!" said Zalbek sarcastically.

"Well, I was simply putting things in your lowly earthly terms so you would better understand me! Dumbing things down, so to speak. The real truth is, is that I govern all of you! Over time, I have gained allies all over the galaxy! But most people refuse to submit to me, including you fools! And so it is!" declared the demon with a look of pride. Fake angelic light began to radiate from him.

"Okay okay, hold the phone for a second. What the heck are you talking about?" asked Alex.

"Always asking questions. Submit to me and you won't have to ask any! Yes, the reason I wanted to ban weapons from this land was so that none of you could defend yourselves when I swarmed in

and took over. And the reason I wanted to ban magic from this land, is so that only an elect ruling elite can use it properly! Which is why I wanted to confiscate your stone, as it was magical!" stated the demon. Zalbek and Dhilgazhor were very angry at the demon. They devised a plan to stop him.

"Alright, demon, I'm just going to call you that, cuz that's what you are whether you want to admit it or not, you dislike my magical stone, don't you?" asked Zalbek.

"No, I do not dislike it. I simply think it is being misused. Only licensed Centi-C-1-8 professionals of the Grezlarian Command should use magic!" replied the demon. Zalbek almost laughed, but was too angry

to laugh.

"Dhilgazhor, inhabit your stone!" commanded Zalbek. Dhilgazhor and his spirit entered and embodied the green stone. Suddenly, due to the fact evil was nearbye, the green stone turned red, and began to become very hot, and began to radiate red light.

"Maybe if you feared me, you would respect me more!" stated the demon.

"Fear and respect, they're just concepts aren't they?" said Zalbek. He backed up slowly, and then released the stone from his hand, and tossed it right at the demon.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" shrieked the demon. "Fear is not just a concept, I admit it, you're correct. That stone is going to KILL MEEEE! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!" shrieked the demon. Within an instant after the fiery hot stone made contact with the demon, it shrivveled up, and exploded!!!! But it was not entirely vanquished. Minature Mezbogs began forming out of the ground, four of them to be exact. Dhilgazhor left the stone, and collapsed onto the floor from exhaustion. He had used up all his power again. But Zalbek ran swiftly all the way up to the alter, and grabbed one of the swords that hadn't been destroyed yet. It was a beautiful sword with a red ruby in its center.

"You're running from us!" shrieked the four demons all at once. "You fear us!!! You fear us!!" they screamed.

"On the contrary, you demons, fear me! The great warrior, ZALBEK!" shouted Zalbek. Zalbek swung his sword at two of the demons and took them out in one single blow. He did the same to the third one,

and killed that demon as well. But the last one remaining had one final trick up his sleeve. He walked up to Dhilgazhor, and inhabited him.

"I AM KING MEZBOG!" shouted the final demon inhabiting Dhilgazhor's body. "Prepare to meet your doom!". So the demon spit fireballs at Zalbek, but Zalbek dodged them skillfully, and using his sword, he

deflected every last fireball right back at the Dhilga-Demon. Alex grabbed a sword of his own and joined in the fight, stabbing the possesed Dhilgazhor in the chest and neck areas, whilst Zalbek deflected all the

fireballs. Princess Gwindle shot magic kinetic psi-beams of light at the demon. Eventually, the demon inside Dhilgazhor shrivveled up and died. Dhilgazhor lay motionless in the center of the cathedral.

"Is he...dead?" asked Zalbek. Alex felt his chest. There was no pulse.

"Yes. Dhilgazhor is dead!" said Alex. "But let me try something!" Alex picked up a small prayer booklet on the ground. One of the prayers was a poem of sorts, about helping a dragon. It was the one

Zalbek had recited before.

"Old Mr. Dragon, your powers shall return! With the power of the heavenly hosts, you so soon will fly the skies, and you'll see things you wish to burn!

Oh, Mr. Dragon how elegant your wings, you shall use them to fly so very high, and see so many different things!

Because, great Mr. Dragon, your powers rival that of kings!!!!"

A beam of light appeared and began casting itself down on Dhilgazhor. And Dhilgazhor could breathe, and his heart was beating again, as if by magic. And Dhilgazhor was alive again! And Zalbek and Alex

and Princess Gwindle embraced him!

"You did it Zalbek! You saved the land of Archazia.....from me!" he jokingly said. And everyone laughed.

"Mezbog was a demon posing as a higher being! That is why it is important we stay in touch with the good higher dimensional beings, through use of Archazia's precious stones!" explained Dhilgazhor.

"Yeah, you're right!" said Zalbek.

"Now we need to go to the royal castle of Archazia, and return the princess so she can be with her

father!" said Dhilgazhor. So they all got up and piled themselves onto Dhilgazhor's back, and flew off into the skies, hoping to reach the magical castle of Archazia. And reach it they did.

Chapter 9: All is well again, and then some

After Dhilgazhor and the gang finally reached the castle, they met the King of Archazia, Farlachoozia, who was delighted to be reunited with his daughter. After he learned it was Zalbek and Alex's brave efforts,

with some added help from Dhilgazhor, the king knighted all three of them. And the king assured Zalbek, that when he came of age, he could marry his daughter, if he desired to. After that, Zalbek said goodbye to

Princess Gwindle and Alex, and Dhilgazhor returned Zalbek back to his home, with his loving parents, in Warship Woods. Zalbek was returned back to his kitchen, unscathed.

"What took you so long?" asked Faldizeek, Zalbek's father.

"I had an adventure of sorts!" said Zalbek.

"And you're even back in time for lunch!" said Maltoola, Zalbek's mother.

"Really? That's amazing. I've been gone for what seemed like days to me!" said Zalbek. Faldizeek laughed.

"Well, son, did you happen to scrounge up any materials for weapon crafting?" asked Faldizeek.

"Oh. No, I didn't unfortunately!" replied Zalbek. But Zalbek suddenly felt a lot of weight in his backpack. Not the pastrami sandwich kind either. He felt heavy weaponry.

"Forget the materials, I've got loads of new weapons for us to fight evil monsters with!" said Zalbek proudly with a huge grin on his face. Faldizeek and Maltoola stared in awe at the large array

of MAGICAL MYSTICAL weapons for destroying and vanquishing evil!!!!!! But they didn't need to use them for a long long time. And they all lived happily ever after, and had plenty of other adventures

as well. Read about them in The Legends of Archazia 2: Rise of the Doom Lords.


One day, after all of those events, Zalbek went to see Dhilgazhor. But he was flying off into the sunset. And he left a note.

"Gone to seek the next keeper of the stone!"

Love, Dhilgy