Zalbek is back for another adventure! Things are different this time around though, Dhilgazhor is gone, root beer makes archazian people tipsy, Alex becomes possessed and kills his own brother, a gang of pyromaniacs is on the loose, King Mezbog has taken over Archazia again, and he had help from two sorcerers who are known throughout the many realms as"The Doom Lords"

Chapter 1: Zalbek meets up with Alex

It had been a long time since Zalbek's last journey to save Archazia, the land where good and evil are locked in an eternal struggle. Dhilgazhor had ventured off to seek the next keeper of the stone, Zalbek and Alex had both gotten older, but hadn't seen each other in years, and Archazia was becoming a land that was absent of magic no more. Magic was now very prevalent in Archazia. In fact, so much so that it was expected of young men and women to become necromancers and alchemists, so that they might get more honor and respect in Archazian society. Zalbek was becoming an earth mage, as well. During this time period in the history of Archazia, many strange supernatural occurrences happened, and unexplained phenomenon were even more unexplainable than they usually were. Zombies, ghosts, ghouls, and vampires were starting to appear to people in their sleep, through which they gained control of human minds, sometimes causing mania or homicidal tendancies. Ancient swords began to bleed the blood of their previous wielders. Griffons and gargoyles manifested near towers and castles and places with gaudy architecture. The griffons were friendly and welcomed church-goers, but the gargoyles just ate them. With all of this having been reflected upon, we now know Archazia has become an even stranger place than it already was. But to what extent? This we will learn more of as we join Zalbek on his latest journey, and we shall join him right now.

It was a bright and sunny morning. 17 year old Zalbek woke up from his slumber, ready to go outside and practice his magic skills. So, after waving goodbye to his parents, Faldizeek and Maltoola, that is exactly what he did. He ran outside, and continued to run very fast, feeling as free and rambunctious as a spider monkey, paying no mind to what the villagers thought of his reckless behavior. Suddenly, however, as he was running all around here and there, sending rocks into the sky and summoning earthworm gods, he hit his head right up against an old persimmon tree.

"AAK!" shouted Zalbek, rubbing his head, hoping to ease the pain. He hadn't sat under the tree complaining about his head for more than a few seconds before a strange but kind old lady seemed to appear out of nowhere. She told Zalbek to visit her at her home.

"You poor boy. Here, take this ice sack and put it over your head, it will help you. Also, come visit me at my home. Recently, a strange boy named Alex has been training under my program, and he has gained much benefit when it comes to his magic and alchemy skils!" said the old woman.

"Alex? Is he an ice mage?" inquired Zalbek. "I think I know him!."

"Yes, he is an ice mage. Well, I suppose that it is possible that you know him, considering it is a smaller world than we think it is! My name is Rosa by the way, I used to live in a cave, and to be honest, I didn't always believe in the magic mumbo jumbo, I was more of a scientist, until some strange wizard cult leader made me age quicker than I would have liked, as a punishment for doubting magic. I've missed out on so much of what makes young adult life enjoyable! But, such is the life of an old adult! Now, come inside my house, Alex will be there, and I have fresh tea and cookies!"said Rosa. Zalbek thought there was something eerily familiar about the old lady, and he recognized her name from somewhere, but the rest was blocked from his memory. He walked into an old cabin, which was apparently the home of Rosa. There was Alex, using Rosa's rocking chair to practice his magic telekinesis skills on. He made the rocking chair rock so fast all by itself that it flew out the window and smashed into a hundred pieces. Rosa confronted Alex.

"Alex, you are not to practice those advanced spells I taught you in my house. If you continue to do so, you won't be allowed to stay here!"scolded Rosa. Alex sighed with disappointment. Then he saw Zalbek and seemed happy to see him.

"Hey, dude! Bro! ZALBEK!!! How's my number one buddy doing? Woah, cool, I see you have an earth cape. Learning earth magic? Me? I'm still an ice mage. Still hang out with dragons and slay demons?" asked Alex.

"Nice to see you again Alex! Well, not so much anymore!" replied Zalbek earnestly. "I get more of a rush out of flattening big nasty monsters and bugs with giant fast moving rocks for no reason whatsoever! NOT! My life is boring now!"

"Mine too! I've completely lost my sense of destiny! Nothing exciting happens anymore, everyone makes fun of my cape, my blue hair, EVERYTHING, I just get so depressed!" shouted Alex, kicking Rosa's sowing box. "AAAAAAAUGH!" he exclaimed, as his foot struck a needle. Zalbek tried to contain his laughter. He ended up keeping it to himself however, when he noticed something different about Alex. He seemed like he was deeply hurt by something unimaginably bad, and that he was hiding it.

"Are you okay Alex?" asked Zalbek.

"Yeah, err, sure, I'm okay, how could I not be? I'm the most powerful mage in the land, I can get away with anything, right?" said Alex.

"So Alex, what do you say we bust outta here and look for an adventure?" asked Zalbek.

"That's a great idea. In fact, we're old enough we could visit the Archazia Root beer bar and see the two dancers Katy and Amy perform live! They're the two hottest chiks in the entire kingdom! Katy's been perfoming for years, and Amy is brand new to the root beer bar. And we can go there and sip root beer it'll be great!" suggested Alex.

"When I was fifteen, Mom told me root beer turns you into a tree!" said Zalbek.

"That's just a lie parents tell you to prevent you from drinking it!" said Alex. Alex and Zalbek raced out the door, looking for adventure, and root beer. Rosa watched as they left in a hasty hurry, and stared out the door in bewilderment.

"I wish I was a young man, not an old woman!" she muttered to herself.