For as long as I can remember the seniors have ruled the world. I'm not talking like old people seniors, I mean like high school seniors. I don't know how or why, but they gained power somehow. Taking over adults must have been really tough, I mean, have you ever tried to win an argument with a parent? Very rarely do I win. Basically if you cross the seniors, you're screwed. Not that there are many people who could stand up to them. I mean, everyone has been turned into a zombie.

Yep, it's the truth. Some senior computer nerds figured out how to hack into people's brains the same way you can hack into a computer. If you want to avoid the hacking, you have to clear your mind of all thought, which is not as easy as it sounds. If they can link with one of your stray thoughts, you're done for. With just that one thought they can change all of your thoughts to so you do nothing but obey the seniors every command.

That's why we're here. The few of us that have managed to survive and not become zombies. We've learned how to stay out of their sight. We're called the Nobodies. Our leader slipped up about a week ago… he now walks among the zombies. However, that isn't going to stop us. I was second in command, so I guess I'm the leader now. That may sounds like a great position, but it's not. Well, not when almost the entire coven hates you.

They're all convinced it's my fault that he's gone. Can you believe that shit?! Apparently, according to the coven, I said something that made him have a stray thought. That's bullshit by the way. We don't speak when we go on missions. It's his own goddamn fault. I'm the only one who knows what really happened. Maybe someday I'll tell the coven, but I don't think it's something they really need to know about. It's better they remember him the way he was before we left on the mission.

"Everyone!! Please listen to me!" I shout as I step up onto the crate*. People turned and looked (more like glared) at me. "I know you don't like me very much, but you better learn to deal with it! I was… James's second in command. That means I'm the leader now. Anyone with a problem, see me." I announced, hoping I sounded something at least close to professional. The room erupted with angry jeers and mutters. "Need I remind you that if you think something about me that's not true, it's considered a stray thought?" I warned. The room shut up instantly. I was about to continue when someone collapsed.

I leapt off the crate and ran to the person. It was my sister Brianna. She was twitching and I could only see the whites of her eyes. "Bree!!! Let go of the thought Bree!!! Let it go!" I yelled. Strong arms grabbed me and pulled me away from her. "NO!!" I pleaded. I looked up to see who had me, not that I didn't already know. "Illuvia I have to help her." I said, calming down. She shook her head. Her long black hair fell over her green eyes. I glared at her

"It's too late to help her Lillie Bug." She said, using the nickname my boyfriend had created for me. I looked down, but nodded. "Someone take Brianna and leave her by the school." He barked. My friend Tristan offered. I didn't even think about him. He was totally in love with her. I gave him a nod of gratitude and sadness. He nodded back. I stepped back up onto the crate.

"I know this seems bad, but we will complete out mission. I may only be a freshman, but I've trained for this longer than most of you. If we devise a plan, I know we can take them out." I said, trying to give everyone a shred of hope. People cheered quietly as not to give away where we were. Our base is the abandoned drama room. "Thank you. Our first objective is to take out the… sophomores." I managed to choke out. People nodded, understanding. My boyfriend is a sophomore. Well, my ex boyfriend I guess. He's been turned into a zombie. I squeezed my eyes shut trying to hold the tears back. He was also my best friend. Up until last week I had refused to give up on him. Then I got a report saying that he had been captured and zombieified.

"They should be fairly easy; we may even be able to avoid them completely. As I'm sure you remember they were the first to bow to the seniors. Anyone have any suggestions?" I asked, blinking back tears. My best friend Illuvia walked up next to me and put a hand on my shoulder for support. I smiled gratefully, but my heart was still bleeding. I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but I forgot. You see, at one point the seniors were pulling out all they had to bring us down. They… they took away our names and made it so we couldn't remember the names of anyone else. We had to rename ourselves. It was probably the worst day of my life. All I remember about it is that we were all back at base lying on the floor in pain. My boyfriend was one of the first to recover. He tried to wake me, but he couldn't shout my name. I opened my eyes to see his panicky tear streaked face. He collected me in his arms and tried to calm both of us down. Like I said, worst day of my life.

We decided that we couldn't go through life without names, so we named ourselves. I imagine when we see our parents again; they'll remind us what our true names are. If only I knew whether or not my family was even alive. So, as I'm sure you've gathered, life run by the seniors really sucks. I here there's a place that's normal, completely free of all this shit. However, I suspect it's just a myth. I'm not very optimistic. My older brother tried to go there, but I don't know if he made it. He promised to let me know if he was ok, I haven't gotten any word, so I think he's either dead or captured.

"I think we should cut through the ballet studio to get to the sophomores wing. Once we're there we should split up into small groups, its times like this when the buddy system comes in handy. Take down the ones that get in your way, if you can avoid it, don't kill anyone. Meet at the top of the bell tower building for further instructions. Are we all clear?" I asked.

"What do we do if the plan doesn't work?" a small girl named Winnie (she loves Winnie the pooh) asked stepping forward.

"If the plan doesn't follow through, either head back to base or to the top of the bell tower. Those are the only places we know for sure are free of zombies. If I don't make it through this Illuvia is in charge. Alright, is everyone clear now?" I asked again, slightly annoyed that Winnie didn't use her brain. Everyone nodded. "Good. Let's take five minutes to clear our minds. No stray thoughts. Ready… set… go!" I commanded. The trick is to concentrate on one thing. Think of nothing but that one thing and they can't track you. I focused on Luke(my ex bf), that way I knew it was impossible for me to stop thinking of him. Is there anything that can make you stop thinking about the one you love? The answer is no, not even mass quantities of Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Not that I even remember what Ben and Jerry's ice cream tastes like. The first thing I'm gonna do when this is finally over is gorge on all the foods I miss. Oh yeah, and I'm gonna hug my boyfriend and never let him go.

So what if I'm only a freshmen? You can't help it if you fall in love early. We all opened our eyes as the five minutes ended. I put a finger to my lips, making sure everyone remembered to be quiet. Moving very slowly I grabbed my staff and led the way out the door.