I didn't give it much consideration
but considered that:


The Physical...an'–Non-, its Meta-,
and state of transposition between
–as through Too...and sole Good in Truth
over the jagged, sometimes Being
with mentalities of Hand-to-mouth
...at Existence, insisting
that if I didn't write it down,
I'd think it better than it was.

That this...Predisposed coincidence,
this – Irony'd have me write,
"Something else not to forget,"
...to forego the line to follow
within—spark of Editor's Mark,
a numbing cue to changeover;
and this, when only prefaced by:
"Some for To grow...and not share."

As though All...the world rests
on single thought,
easily unfolding when rediscovered,
to a string of them which are delicate,
marionettes to which actions be done
in verbose plays on finding equivoque;
and this to exercise those
from distrait rapture of delible reverie
to neural slur.


Sigh fell under siren,

'Commonplace'—at Time,

"Hath Not Beens,

Let this – All
be not it."

...as yet its absence brings my misery.