Seven Minutes in Hell

God damn it. How had he let himself get caught up in all this.

Leaning against the wall of the small pitch black closet, Nate cursed himself for not having just told Amber to screw off when she nominated him to play 7 minutes in heaven. She was always the first one to try and set him up with someone, be it a boy or a girl.

She was still trying to figure out exactly which way he swung, which was something Nate had made sure to keep to himself. As his best friend, Amber seemed to have an obsessive desire to set him up with someone- anyone. It had become a game between the two of them, she trying to set him up with both boys and girls to see which one he went for and him doing his best to remain ambiguous.

It wasn't that he was ashamed of what he was, he just enjoyed torturing his best friend by not telling her. Of course, that meant not telling anybody else as well, which made the whole 7 minutes in heaven thing quite complicated. He was really not looking forward to the prospect of kissing a girl, or having to resist pushing her off of him in order to not give himself away. No doubt Amber would make sure to send in one of her close friends to spill all the details the second the 7 minutes was up.

Erik raised his hand.

"I'll go in."

Complete silence followed as everyone in the room averted their gaze to him.

"As a joke of course."

Relieved laughter filled the air as both the boys and the girls sitting in the room relaxed, both for different reasons. No doubt all the girls would be upset to find out that they didn't have a chance with the school's golden boy. And, as for the guys, hanging out with the most popular kid in school would become a lot more complicated if they found out he was gay…or bisexual….or sexually confused.

Erik had never bothered to label himself. He just figured he was attracted to people for different reasons, their gender not playing a factor. The problem was, he found girls pretty, but…they never really seemed to do it for him.

Nate, however, was a totally different story. He'd been watching him for quite some time, almost obsessively. He was surprised the guy hadn't noticed. This was the perfect opportunity to get some alone time with him without having to out himself.

"Hey, Erik." Erik paused as he headed for the door, a blonde girl with brown eyes and a bubbly smile calling his name. Her name was Amber, if he remembered correctly, and she was in his Math class.

"Yeah?" he asked, staring at her hesitantly.

"Listen, I'm trying to figure out which way my friend Nate, the one in the closet, swings. He refuses to tell me, so I have to resort to these little games. I don't want you to do anything too totally embarrassing, but could you just…..I dunno, like just kiss him on the cheek?"

The girl seemed to feel awkward asking this of him, although he had already made plans himself to do much more than just kiss Nate on the cheek.

"Umm….I dunno, I'll see." Erik said, shrugging nonchalantly.

"You should totally kiss him, Erik." He could hear his friend Sean's voice call out from behind him, his macho guy ego tainting his words with evil malice. "It'll be a hoot. Especially if he thinks you're a girl."

"Yeah…" Erik said, remembering most people weren't really sure which way Nate swung. He'd been able to pick up on the fact that the guy was gay immediately, but most other people seemed oblivious to it.

Pushing open the closet door, Erik quickly closed it behind him. He didn't need his friends blowing his cover.

By the time Nate had whipped his head around, the small flash of light that had illuminated the closet was gone. He knew someone else was in here with him, he just didn't know who. He could tell by the sound of the person's breath that they were near the door of the closet, but beyond that he knew nothing more than he had a minute ago.

Nate could hear the figure pause at the door before taking a few steps forward. In response, Nate equaled each step forward with one backward until he found himself pressed up against the closet wall. Oh god, this was going to be horrible, absolutely miserable. Amber was going to pay for forcing him to make out with some random chick of hers that probably had onion ring breath and liked to use her tongue as a projectile.

Nate could feel himself take a sharp breath as he heard the figure come to a stop in front of him. He could feel the person's breath come down on him in short, controlled waves. To his relief, he found it smelled pleasant, like peppermint, rather than onion rings. Oddly though, it felt like it was coming down from above him, which meant the person had to be taller than him.

Nate was of decent stature, 5'7, though his frame was quite slim, especially for a teenage boy. That meant, judging from the angle, the girl had to be at least 5'9. Great. Absolutely fucking spectacular. Amber had sent some barbarian woman in here to have her way with him.

"You know, we don't really have to do anything…" Nate mumbled, swallowing hard as he tugged at his collar. The closet seemed to have suddenly gotten extremely stuffy, and somehow smaller. He'd never experienced claustrophobia before, but he was willing to bet this was exactly how people with it felt.

The figure standing in front of him responded by leaning one hand against the wall, and lacing the other around Nate's belt buckle.

The figure seemed surprisingly strong as he pulled Nate towards him by the belt buckle. Instinctively, Nate flung his arms outward as if to brace himself, and froze.

Whoever was standing in front of him was definitely not female. He could feel the guy's rock hard chest under his hands, and judging by the width of it he also had fairly broad shoulders. Nate could feel himself start to panic as he pulled away. This had turned from totally awkward and uncomfortable to….well, even more awkward and uncomfortable. The guy didn't let go of him, though.

He kept him in place by the belt buckle, almost as if he'd expected Nate to pull away.

"Shhh…" was all Nate heard before a pair of soft, warm lips came down on his. He didn't move at all, staying as still as a statue. His brain didn't seem to be able to process what was happening, rendering him basically paralyzed.

The boy didn't seem to mind, his lips slowly parting Nate's as-

Nate jerked away so fast he slammed his head against the back of the closet. "Ow!" he cursed to himself, glad that at least the guy had released his grip on his belt buckle during the kiss-or whatever had just happened.

"Are you alright?"

Nate froze. He knew that voice. Erik Evans, the local pretty boy…. The boy he'd also had a crush on for as long as he could remember.

This was just some sick joke him and his friends had set up for their sadistic amusement. Amber wasn't the only one who didn't know which way he swung, which meant he was as good as gay in the eyes of the average jock. This title, of course, came with nice little entitlements like getting your ass kicked whenever you walked home alone and wearing your lunch instead of eating it.

"You're sick! You think this is funny, go ahead and laugh it up-"

"No. Wait. Listen."

"Why, so you can tell me how much of a fag I am." Nate tried to push past Erik, but felt himself being held back by a set of strong arms.

"That's not what I was going to say."

"Get off of me!"

"Please, just-"

Before Erik could say anything else, the door burst open, Amber rushing in.

"What the hell Erik! I told you to kiss him on the cheek, not rough him around!" From outside of the closet, Nate could hear cackling from all of Erik's buddies, obviously amused at the mixture of anger and terror plastered on his face.

"You did this." Nate shot, shaking Erik's hands off of him as he shifted his glare from Erik to Amber. "Wow Amber. This is a new low for you, really. Congratulations."

"Nate-" Erik began.

"No." Nate glared, trying to hide the hurt in his eyes. "Just leave me alone." Pushing past him, Nate could feel Erik's eyes on him, as well as everyone else in the room, as he ran out of the house.

This was a prime example of why he made a point to avoid High School Parties. He could feel it start to rain, soon turning into an all out downpour. Good, at least this way no one would be able to see his tears.

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