Trapped in darkness, blinded by light,

please, please hear my plight.

I'm a brave little gremlin in a dark dark spooky forest, searching for life's secrets and my purpose.

I can float, I can fly, I can dissapear, and cry.

And it's when I dissapear that I want to die.

But if I come out of the dark spooky forest,

there exists a world that is far beyond the norm,

no one can fly, or float, or dissapear.

I'd show them how, if those people would only lend an ear.

But suppose I did, I'd have no voice,

I'd be shut up for sure.

Because although the outside world is pretty,

it's anything but pure.

Tempting, tempting, it definately is,

to show my face, and reveal my fur and fuzz.

The land where everyone else possesses skin,

A world where I am seperated from my gremlin friends and kin.

How am I supposed to live in this world and win?

Can I do it? I think I can.

I have faith in myself,

I'm the gremlin man.