Fresh magical spring water is delicious, crisp, clean and pure.

Its powers are many, this you can be sure.

For with just one sip from these waters of lore,

Knowledge, skills, and wisdom, you shall gain more.

Sip from these waters daily, and you shall soon see, that the powers of life are yours, you have sure victory.

All waters flow, and send ripples and waves.

They are sending out a message, to the world and its people.

What kind of message? Is this something you ask?

To answer that question would be an arduous task.

For this message that the waters of wisdom are sending,

Is infinite, ever flowing, its true meaning is pending,

Will we ever know it? Yes we will.

But it will take many sips from the water, not just a quick swill.

Birds fly to the waters, and drink from them too.

They drink from the fresh waters, so crisp, clear and blue.

We should drink from them even more often than they do.

We must drink water, for water is good.

Water is a liquid that can save us all,

And we must drink from it, and quench our thirst,

If we lost all water, that would sure be the worst.

Water is awesome, water rules!

But although many deserts have an oasis,

Don't be fooled by false images, mirages, or places.

Use discernment when drinking pure wisdom water,

And then you will find true knowledge and power.