Her hands caress my body

Her arms hold me so tight

Her eyes so full of passion

My lips she starts to bite

I know in many ways

This is considered wrong

Two girls should not feel this way

But this feeling is so strong

Her hands they're moving lower

From my face down to my boobs

Why this feels so right

I have not a clue

She starts to squeeze them tighter

Moving up and down

I can't believe this feeling

In this passion I could drown

She has taken off my shirt

My bra she has undone

Moved down to my pants

She starts to undo the button

I lean up to kiss her

I want to oh so bad

But she forces me back down

Her face she looks so glad

A girl is in control of me

Is this bad or is this good

I have no idea what to think

But go lower I wish she would

She unbuttoned my pants

As she rips them down

I can't believe how good I feel

This new passion I have found

Her lips are moving lower

I don't know what to do

As she licks my stomach

This feeling is so new

She starts to bit my underwear

Taking it lower with her teeth

I don't know if I want her to see

The puddle that's beneath

I jerk a little to get up

She smiles and says I know

Your wetter than you've ever been

Please just don't say no

I lay back down

And close my eyes

Pure ecstasy

Too my surprise

I'm jerking uncontrollably

My legs can't help but shake

For once an orgasm

I didn't have to fake

I think she's done

Go to sit up

She stares at me and says

That was just my tongue

She pushes me down

Her bodies on mine

Her skin it feels so soft

This can't be a crime

It feels too good to be wrong

This girl is amazing

I haven't felt this way

In oh so long

I'm laying there

Her lips to mine

And hands they are

Both intertwined

Then all the sudden

I want to scream

This feeling of her in me

I grab on to her knee

I'm dying within seconds

Her fingers moving quicker

I lean up and grab her hair

And pull her down to kiss her

I'm yelling louder than ever

Cuming more than I ever have

This girl has just killed me

As she lifts up my calves

She puts my legs

On her back

As she goes deeper inside

Best sex I've ever had and that's a fact

I scream out in passion

I can't take anymore

She stops and lays down next to me

I look and stare at her

She says that is the best

The she has ever had

And pleasing me tonight

Has made her so glad

Because she knew I liked her

And because I let this happen

She's wondering if maybe

I will be her lady

I smiles and said

Of course I will

Pushed her down

And said it's your turn still