My thoughts and ideas do not all conform,

to one simple structure, or a certain closed form.

I'm a free thinking man, you see.

Because I have such a powerful mind,

The buildings of learning I leave behind,

Everything that I have been taught,

is all simple stuff like tying a knot.

But to be honest, and truth be told,

Everyone's mind is infinite, but one must be bold!

One must find new ideas, and seek new ways, in order to get through life's great maze.

And let it be noted, for it is true,

The wise souls are linked, together, like glue,

They have ideas that are fresh and new.

But the dark ones know this, and they meet in secret, to try to keep us in a haze.

What do we do? We feed into the lies of the evil ones like cows go graze!

The answer my friend is to seek answers from within,

And then, in the Battle Against Darkness, we, the good guys, will win!