A little girl sits all alone

Crying in the dark

Her brother hangs above her

It was just too hard

He left a note to explain

Why he left so soon

His little sister read it

In the twigh light of the moon

If you read this letter

The note it said

Then hear I am hanging

And possibly, I'm dead

I love you all very much

But there's something you don't know

I am gay, always have been

That's why I had to go

If you get a doctor

To take a close looks at me

He will tell you all the broken bones

That you never did see

One from being beaten

Walking back from school

They broke my arm, my rib, and nose

They thought they were so cool

The cuts you see

On my wrist

Are from when I was called a freak

They made me feel such bliss

You'll find a note

Under my bed

It's from my boyfriend

He is dead

He was with our friends

Driving around

They shot his femur

And he went down

They missed his dick

They were trying to make a point

This world is sick

He had to smoke that joint

The funeral I went to

His mom asked who I was

And his dad

He was coming off a buzz

The kids that beat me

In the street

Destroyed his memorial

And tagger it fags get beat

You never knew

I never said

Doesn't matter now

I am dead

Please don't hate me

Because I was gay

Was not my choice

I was born this way

Today I woke up

And went to meet this guy I knew

And this is why

I'm hanging above you

I met him for coffee

Just to talk

We finished our coffee

Went for a walk

Then he grabbed me

Threw me in his van

Strapped me down to the walls

And put my dick in his hand

Told me he could fix me

Told me he'd make me right

Grabbed a pair of scissors

Cut me, I really thought me might

I pissed myself

When he came close

He wiped it up with my clothes

He beat me hard

I think he broke my thigh

He let me out

And said goodbye

So I came home

And grabbed this rope

Went in my room

Wrapped it on my throat

Climbed on my bed

And threw it on the fan

You always said

If you really want something, if you try you can

Don't let my death

Be in vain

Stop this violence

Stop this pain

We are not gay

Because we choose

God made us this way

But our lives, we lose