You look at me

With such disgust

Why must you make

Such a fuss

Yes I'm gay

Won't try and hide

The real way

I feel inside

The closet door

It's been opened

I am out

All I'm hoping

Is that you

Will find a way

To try and love me

Just the same

I'm not different

Just not hiding

Thought you would be happy

That I'm done lying

Yes, I like clits

And use my hands

And I can pleasure

Better than a man

It's not your bedroom

Why should you care?

It's not like you

Have to sleep there

So stop talking shit

I love this girl

The hate you're spreading

Makes me hurl

So get over it

Or get out of my life

I'm done dealing

With this strife

I hope you learn

To accept me

Cause I believe

This was my destiny

I'm out of the closet

I'm gay and proud

I will no longer

Follow the crowd