Beating with my pulse.
Just barely skin deep-
Something's moving
Sliding underneath.

This skin's too tight,
This heart doesn't fit-
I keep slipping while
Trying to get my grip.

Squirming little thoughts
That whisper in my ear.
Maddening little ideas of
Contradictions and fears.

I sit still, holding my breath
Feeling as I slide out of place.
But then I open my tired eyes,
That settle on your gentle face.

If a picture is worth 1,000 words,
I wish I could capture your grin.
Your every expression is a story,
That I never want to see end.

I've never felt truly at ease,
But with your arms around
I'm surprised to discover
This peace that I've found.


Two hearts beat together.
In that moment, that breath,
Tangled in between skin
Those sliding fears have left.