{{Our Play}}

In Act 1 we play a game,
You chase around my heart.
I laugh and call your name.
But stick firmly to my part.

In Act 2 we grow older,
Slightly bolder as we learn
To trust each other but
Love we have to learn.

In Act 3 we've stopped to see;
No running, no longer unsure.
I've fallen into your arms,
Surprised we could be more.

{{Now pause here for an interlude.
Leave them while they're kissing.
This is the time for thought,
Before the end of intermission.

And behind closed curtains,
The actors are screaming.
As the crowd is mingling,
Ready to return to dreaming.}}

In Act 4 there's comic relief.
Petty, frivols, little fights.
Audience laughs at our folly,
As I sleep alone that night.

In Act 5 we're not speaking.
Sulking and fighting tears,
I start scratching at my skin
As I feel these biting fears.

In the final scene I realize,
One fight can't keep you away.
It's not a happily ever after,
But life never was a play.

So the curtain finally falls.
Without anymore lies,
Just a smile knowing how
This love has made us wise.