Zasher is lord of the dark evil dragons,

He scales the lands, searching for prey,

He sets the wild forests ablaze with fire,

And it satisfies his wicked desire,

To gain dominion over the entire world and beyond,

With Vale the reptilian sorcerer by his side, whom with he shares a strong bond.

Vale gives bestows upon Zasher magic apocalyptic powers, that increase his flame breath's power.

Which brings us closer to the dawn of the planets final hour.

He flies through the skies, with one purpose.

To put the word fear in atmosphere,

His days of waiting are over.

Zasher the lord of the dark evil dragons is here!

His day of reckoning is near.

He'll burn all the valleys, villages and towns,

And reduce them to ashes, and inferior little mounds.

Zasher will usher in destruction and doom,

He'll torch everything, even that pretty flower that's about to bloom.

So next time you're outside, look up in the skies,

And you'll see Zasher, laughing and burning trees as he flies.

He has many battles with other dragons too, you see.

Each one of them a victory.

However, there's one dragon that he's never beat!

His greater arch rival, the good dragon, Dhilgazhor the Great.

Their battle will be a most glorious one.

And Dhilgazhor and Zasher will face off face to face,

To fight over the future of earth, our home place.