Dying Passion

My conscience plays Russian Roulette every time

that I chase after your white satin silhouette.

My admiration and love for you is a fading memory

that is a sad love story. Distracted, you miss the

chance to dance with me at the prom and jump

over the broom with me. I miss you because I

wish you were still the same person who gave me

my first kiss. I am me, you see we can't be whatever

you want us to be in the future anymore because

I know you love me no more. Already gone, Its too

late for you to stay true to me as if you are my best

friend. Its too late for you to date me and claim me

to be your soulmate. Its too late for you to apologize

forgetting to memorize my name and remember my

birthday. I linger in the shadows of lions and the stars.

My widow shadow flies out of my bedroom window into a

world where you don't exist. I can't wait for dust to descend

upon time so every dime that I used to waste on you can

turn into rust. Trust, your passionate youthful lust desires

must expire because you no longer inspire me to want to

build an empire with you since you have turned yourself into

a blood thirsty vampire.