The life that I live….

My fingers scrape at my face, as I try to see past the drapes

At the path my life takes.

There they are looking at me like a piece of meat

Thinking to themselves that they can't be beat

Don't you see the turmoil hidden in my eyes?

But I guess you think that I lie…

Don't even think to say that you know my ways

You can't even begin to see what I go through on a daily basis.

My self control is only so much…

The feeling that it will slip from the fragile grasp I manage to keep.

You don't know a thing about my life

You think it's a game?

You say were the same?

Can you even remember my name?

Don't you see that all this is killing me?

That it screws with my view on reality?

I wish you can see life...

From my eyes…

From my smile…

From my perspective.