"Paper is simple material. It is essentially a mat held together by the fiber's roughness, and can be made from almost any fibrous material like wood or recycled paper."

I tore our old love letters up
into one inch pieces.
I soaked the paper in warm water

The paper making process is a wet one.

Then I blended the mess into an indistinguishable pulp,
poured this into a basin (added more water), lowered a screen
and sifted until an even layer of fibers formed above the wires.

I lifted the screen,
by hand I squeezed out and sponged up the excess moisture,
flipped the paper out to dry on a cloth lined flat surface
and took my rolling pin to it,

drying is a laborious task.

Then I let it rest in the air.

When it was dry, I took this recycled paper
(dyed a light purple by the blue ink of our pens)

and I wrote a Haiku
giving it to my new Lover

because our shared history is a part of who I am;
it said:

The heart is a strong
thing made of rough fibers—much
stronger than we think.