"Nobody moves, or I'll shoot," Riley yelled at the class. The gun shook in her trembling hands. She pointed the gun straight ahead of her, not pointing it at anyone in particular.

Sweat trickled down her forehead and she wiped it off furiously. She peered around the classroom.

Riley cringed at everyone's faces.

Most of the girls had tears streaming down their faces, and were latching on to each other. It was funny, these were also the girls who used to pick on her nonstop. The boys, although they weren't crying, still had a look of terror in their eyes. Even the tough guys were affected by the small object held in Riley's hand.

Their teacher, Mr Evans, was comforting a few students, but he too looked scared.

"Riley, put the gun down," Mr Evans said softly, trying not to set her off.

"Shut up Evans," Riley snapped. Her voice trembled.

"You don't want to do this Riley." Riley bit at her nail furiously.

"No one has to get hurt, we can just walk away from all of this, just put the gun down."

Riley's breathing started to get heavier.

"Evans if you don't shut your fucking mouth, I swear I will shoot every single person in this room," Riley threatened pointing the gun all around the room.

"As if, you don't have the guts," a boy yelled out.

Riley stopped biting.


The class screamed as the gun went off. Riley stared at the spot on the wall a few metres away from Mark, the guy who had made the comment.

"Next time I won't miss," Riley muttered. Everyone was in commotion from the gun shot, and were gasping and crying loudly.

"Shut up, all of you," Riley screamed.

"She's fucking crazy," Mark said under his breath. Riley walked over to him. She grabbed him and shoved the gun on his head.

"I told you to shut up." Riley could feel Mark start to shake in fear; she knew she had got to him.

"Riley move away from Mark, you don't want to hurt him," she heard Mr Evans say.

Riley stared long and hard at Mark before letting him go roughly and walking back to the front of the classroom.

"Why are you doing this Rye?" Her head turned to the new voice.

Jasper Sheffield.

She avoided eye contact with him, and started to fidget with her sleeve.

"Riles, you're not like this." This time it came from the girl sitting next to Jasper, Hayden Sheffield.

Riley had known the Sheffield twins since they were just nursery kids. The three were really close. Each of them represented a different personality. Riley was the aggressive messy one that always got them all into trouble. Jasper was the calm and quiet one that held the group together. And Hayden was the sociable clever one, who everyone loved.

They had their fights, but they always managed to get over it. Unfortunately it didn't last for ever. They had all just started year ten, and everything had been perfectly normal. Riley's fifteenth birthday was coming up and Jasper and Hayden were planning to throw Riley a huge birthday party.

When it came to the Sunday of her birthday, Hayden had gone over to Riley's to take her to her surprise birthday party. She was no where to be seen, Hayden and Jasper spent the whole night looking for her but she wasn't there.

For the next week she never showed. The day she came back, was the day she completely changed. She stopped talking to everyone and just completely closed herself off.

The three never talked again.

"You don't know a fucking thing about me," Riley half yelled, half cried out. Her head dropped down and black strands of hair fell as a curtain around her face.

"You're right Riley, we don't know you. I mean come on we only knew you for ten years, that's basically nothing," Hayden commented sarcastically.

"I've changed; I'm nothing like that person you used to know." Riley felt a tear fall down her cheek. She furiously wiped it away.

"Keep telling yourself that." She glared at Jasper, but his face didn't change.

"You're exactly the same person, but you just got lost along the way," he continued, making Riley grip the gun tighter.

"Shut up!" The Sheffield twins were the only two people who didn't look the slightest bit affected by this whole scene.

"I can never be that girl again," Riley whispered.

"Why?" she glanced at Hayden through hear teary eyes.


Riley stared down at the gun in her hand.

"Because I can't take it back."

Everybody watched as Riley pulled the trigger…