Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Uglyia, where the beautiful were outcast and the ugly were worshiped. On one fine, stormy day in this fine land, a hunter was looking for food. "Closer, closer," Ronald murmured to himself, eyeing his prey hungrily as it slowly walked nearer and nearer to him. "Just a little more," he thought, saliva already beginning to fill his dry mouth. Then unable to wait any longer, he snapped upwards, lunging for the pitiful human who was about to become his dinner. But just as suddenly as he had moved, the human jumped backwards and ran back into the forests of Kristen's belly hair. Ronald groaned in disappointment, his empty stomach rumbling in agreement. "I'm so hungry I could eat a Beautican!" He moaned.

It was so hard to be one of Kristen's stomach pimples nowadays; the peasants of Uglyia had become too smart, and all too aware of the giant pimples. The only food the poor pimples ever received anymore were some dry, bland tourists with the occasional stupid peasant. And if that weren't bad enough, the decreasing value of belly hair had driven away many tasty workers. Not to mention, the recent war with Beautica had greatly effected the usually consistent flow of tourists into Uglyia. Yes, the life of a pimple is not an easy one.

Ronald sighed deeply, his whitehead bobbing in distress. He hadn't eaten in days, and was close to starvation. "But so what if I clear up?" he thought bitterly, "I have nothing to live for." He hung his head sadly, a great blob of mucus leaking from the top of his head. Then suddenly, Ronald looked up. "What am I saying?" He cried, "I have my daughter!"

He swiveled his great head to his right and gazed fondly at the growing red lump. "You're so cute," he cooed happily, gently nudging the small shiny pimple with the side of his whitehead. "You're so pretty!" The tiny pimple didn't reply, for it had not yet sprouted a whitehead. Ronald smiled widely, bubbling from excitement. He just couldn't wait for his daughter to grow her whitehead! Or her blackhead, he quickly corrected himself, shrugging. He wasn't a picky father. Once his daughter's head formed they could chat all day long. Ronald wouldn't be lonely anymore! He hugged himself, warm tingles spreading all over his great body at the thought.

Then suddenly, he noticed the top of his daughters lump jiggling. It jiggled and wiggled and wriggled around. Ronald gasped, sweat-glands wide open in amazement. He watched as the top slowly poked itself out and began to turn white. "Oh my!" He squeaked, "Oh gosh!" The top swelled and swelled until it began to form a little white head. When it finally stopped moving an itsy little whitehead and formed on top the small red lump. Ronald could scarcely breathe. "Daughter?" He called out tentatively.

The little white head squirmed around. "Da-da?" It responded slowly. Ronald was so happy he nearly squeezed himself dry.

"This is the best day of my life!" He said tearfully, smiling like an idiot. Suddenly his daughter's head exploded and the red lump deflated. Ronald's mouth fell open in shock, but before he could say anything an ugly woman with flaming red hair leapt into the open, holding a bow and needle.

"I am a Princess Yuki of the Uglyian Popping Squad; prepare to be vanquished, Great Pimple!" she declared. And with that she shot the needle at Ronald and laughed as he promptly exploded into pieces.

The End.