Still Alive

By Evelyn Wang

Allison swung her backpack back and forth, humming to herself as she walked along the dark cement road. The sky was a starless, all-consuming black. Even the moon did not dare to show its face on a night such as this, and hid behind layers of thick clouds. The street lights were just beginning to flicker on, casting a ghostly green glow over the sidewalk. No crickets chirped, and no bullfrogs sang. There was just silence, a horrible, devouring silence. But Allison noticed none of this; she merely smiled contently as she walked on, the sounds of her steps echoing eerily into the blackness. Then suddenly, she stopped as she came to a side trail. Curiously she peered into the dark forest path, and took a cautious step onto the soft dirt road. Then, giving one last look at the dimly lit sidewalk, she walked into the night.

Dark spiny trees loomed over her as she walked on, and the light from the streetlamps slowly disappeared as new shadows came alive in the tenebrous night. Allison shivered, suddenly noticing the smothering darkness. A strange feeling of uneasiness washed over her, and she began to walk faster. Suddenly, a loud crackling of leaves came from her left, and she began running, tearing through the dense forest. After what seemed like hours, Allison finally saw the end of the trail, the bright light of the street lamps seeping into the trees like sweet, golden honey. Her heart lifting, she sprinted towards the beckoning beacon of safety. Then a huge black shape abruptly lumbered into her path, shrouding the light once more. Two yellow eyes glowed unblinkingly from underneath a giant black hat. Allison skidded to a halt, narrowing missing collision.

It was a man. He quickly grabbed Allison's shoulder as she tried to go past him, and pulled her back in front of him. "What's a girl like you doing in these forests this late?" he asked her in a concerned voice, though a hint of menace saturated his tone.

"Well, I…" Allison stammered, suddenly mesmerized by the strange yellow eyes.

"Never mind," the man interrupted, "Would you like a ride home?"

"No thank you," Allison said quickly, snapping out of her stupor. She tried to edge around the man, "I can make it home fine." The man said nothing, and just stared at her. Fear's cold hand began to tighten itself around Allison's heart once more, and she gulped. "I live right over there, actually," Allison fibbed, pointing out at the road, slowly stepping backwards until there was nothing else between her and the road. "Mom's probably watching me from the window right now," she managed to say, and then started sprinting towards the light once more. If only… she could just… get onto the road…she could… Clunk! Suddenly a sharp pain spider-webbed across the back of her head and instantly, everything went black.

When Allison woke up again she was lying on a blue, plastic house. Disoriented, she sat up and looked around. The little house was submerged in oily water, little white flakes floating all around it. "Where am I?" She mumbled, as she suddenly realized that she was sitting inside a huge glass ball. Fear flooded her senses, "What is this?" she cried. Frantically, she stood up on the house and pounded on the glass above her. Panic forced the air from her lungs as she realized she was trapped, utterly and completely trapped. Then a huge face appeared outside the glass, and the whole world began to shake as two large hands grabbed the sides of the glass. Water surged over Allison's head as she tumbled off the house, little white flakes raining down from every which direction. She cried out desperately as she flailed around in the water, choking and sputtering as it filled her lungs, stripping her of the air she so much needed.


The man looked down upon his new snow globe fondly, setting it on his desk with twenty-five others. "It's my best one yet," he thought proudly to himself, his yellow eyes sparkling as he admired his fine handiwork. He knew would treasure it forever. Then, watching the shrunken little girl struggle in the water, the man chuckled. His snow globes were always best when the people inside were still alive.