With regret to start this all again,
without wish to put you through it,
...I had only hoped
that time and words...
'n-trusted because it eased

to ask your-self...why you do not answer...
Do you not trust the words I speak,
or do not you care?

...As I would trade the sure with any for any—a chance with you.

With you,
the thought of me may –other things– border.
With me,
know all I do – 'tween thoughts of you


—"Unconditioned and without question,"
I expect not you feel the same;
...but let us start there where you are,
our not minding past in which we've parted,
if from it we do,

...as I've no latent motives
than that you would love the Lord more
than what you expect from your own life,
as so do mean I.


—and I hope all love
be not a competition:
Who requires;
Who receives;
Who ends.

So accept me with you
if no reason than to cherish.

And if ever the thought,
"Why spend—all for nothing—this time?"...
Nei' time nor effort
could ever be wasted
in attempt to again be with you,

for to each point in Real' be another
from any dimension of mind;
then you are this in how I think:

You are one-to-one with all I find beautiful,
everything I wish to know,
and with whom I hope I exist to be.