In Harmony

A/N This was inspired after listening to the song In Harmong by Jodi Benson and it gave me the idea but it's a little angsty but gets better as it goes on.

In it Izz is being picked on by other Psammead kids bothering him because he lives on Earth among humans but his human friends find out and want to help him get strong in confidence.

I hope you guys like.

It was early evening in Earth but in a certain bedroom in the Robert's house, a pair of snail like eyes peeked out from behind the covers as their owner trembled in fright as he had been teased by kids of his own kind in Aria as he always went there when his best friend had to go to school and Bronx didn't want to play and Yuri was at kindergarten.

His name was Izz and he was a Psammead with silver grey fur but there were bruises and wounds from the other Psammead kids as they knew he lived in another world with humans and they found him too strange to be one of them so they picked on him, tormenting him but he was too scared to tell anyone who cared about him.

They always hurt him and made fun of him hurting him in the heart and body but after returning, he ran upstairs, cleaned his injuries and locked himself in the spare room where nobody could find him as he'd cried out his feelings of sadness, anger and had tired himself out and fallen asleep as he didn't want the others to see him like this as he was a strong Arian Knight and he couldn't let them see his weakness as he heard footsteps as he knew somebody was opening the door as he noticed it was Yuri.

The four year old light purple furred Psammead female wondered what was wrong with him as he was never this sad but saw the bruise around his right eye as she was nervous.

"Maybe you should tell Leah and the others.

They can help." she said to him.

He knew he could but the leader of the gang of Psammeads that were picking on him told him it would get worse if he did tell anybody and he just wanted to be left alone.

She understood as she left him alone and went downstairs.

Leah saw Yuri playing in the paddling pool she had set up with David's help in the garden as she and the other members of their quirky little family were having a BBQ as David was cooking burgers with Bronx's help as he was cutting up vegetables for the salad but was worried as he hadn't heard a word from Izz.

He remembered his brother saying he'd gone to Aria for a while and hoped that he was okay as they were brothers but wondered what was bothering Yuri as he had a feeling she knew where Izz was as she was about to answer but saw him enter the garden dressed in a hawalian shirt but he was wearing shades as the female knew he was hiding the bruise around his eye so the others wouldn't see but noticed he'd put band aids over most of the injuries and bites.

"Izz you okay?

You look freaked." Bronx said.

"I'm fine honestly.

Why would you think that?" he answered.

Bronx sighed as that was a typical answer but gasped seeing the bruise on his left hand.

"I-It's nothing, I swear.

Just a wound from fighting dark hearted Arians today." he answered.

Bronx wasn't that easily fooled but for now he'd buy it.

"Okay I believe you." he answered.

He was relieved hearing that as he saw his friends join him.

But Leah sensed something wasn't right with the silver grey furred Psammead especially seeing the wounds but knew something was bothering him as she and Carley along with Jen and Ogre Child had been trying to catch a gang of Psammeads who were up to no good in Latanis and she had a feeling they were picking on him.

She knew he'd never admit it but understood.

She hoped he was okay.

Later that night as Bronx was making himself hot chocolate in the kitchen to help him sleep, he heard some noises as he left the kitchen and found Izz walking around but asleep as he was worried as this was a sign that something was wrong with his twin brother as he only sleep walked when something truly bugged him and remembered Jen talking about a gang of Psammeads causing trouble in Latanis and had faced them but he'd gotten angry so he had to stay away from them.

He then tried shaking his brother awake and it wasn't working but he had an idea as he knew one thing Izz loved and tried snacking on before dinner when he, Leah and Carley were busy as he saw the cookie jar on the top shelf and sighed knowing this would work as he knew how much his brother loved cookies as he climbed back onto the counter with cookies as he found Izz entering the kitchen but the smell was waking him up.

"Are you sure you're okay Izzard?

You were sleepwalking.

You only do that when you're upset.

Is something troubling you?" he asked.

Izz wanted to tell him but just couldn't.

I twas too hard for him.

"Everything's okay." he answered.

Bronx decided to lay off him for now.

He watched as his brother lay on the couch as he went upstairs.